Brevet Brigadier General Bernard Gaines Farrar Jr., USV
Colonel 30th MO Infy USV & 6th U.S. Colored Hvy Art
(1831 MO-1916 MO)
Original Member of the Missouri Commandery of MOLLUS

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Bernard Gaines Farrar Jr., was born on 05Aug1831 in St. Louis, MO, the son of Dr. Bernard Gaines Farrar Sr. (1784 VA-1849 MO) and Ann Clark (Thruston) Farrar (1820 KY-1878 MT). Bernard Jr. was educated at St. Louis University, Norwich Military Academy of Vermont, and the University of Virginia. After completing his studies he returned to St. Louis and turned his attention to business affairs including real estate and other affairs of St. Louis. He married Isabel Jerdone Mitchell, on 14Jun1855 in ?. Isabel was born on 05May1834 in Pennsylvania, the daughter of ?, and granddaughter of Dr. Alexander W. Mitchell.

In April of 1861, Bernard was mustered into the military service of the US at the old arsenal in St. Louis and on 01May1861 was appointed Aide de Camp on the staff of General Nathaniel Lyon. On 10May1861, Gen. Lyon led a force of US Infantry and St. Louis Home Guards units against the MO State Militia troops which had been drilling at Camp Jackson, near the campus of St. Louis University. At the time, MO was very split between which side to join and hoped to stay neutral until the issues between the North and the South could be resolved. The elected government of MO was mostly pro-Confederate as well as the majority of the state. St. Louis was the Union stronghold in the state, mostly due to itís large German pro-Union immigrant population. There was concern that the MO State Militia, under the direction of the Governor who was pro-Confederate, would soon be used to take over the US arsenal, just as state forces had done in other southern states. Lyonís forces surrounded Camp Jackson Major Bernard G. Farrar was sent to MSM Gen. Frost with the demand to surrender, which Frost did without a fight. Later that year, Bernard went with Gen. Lyon on his campaign through MO to drive the pro-Confederate MO government from the state. This campaign ended with the Union defeat at the Battle of Wilsonís Creek near Springfield, MO on 10Aug1861 in which Gen. Lyon was killed. In October of 1861, Bernard was appointed Aide de Camp with rank of Lieutenant Colonel on the staff of Major General Halleck, and later appointed provost-marshal-general for the Dept. of MO, which he served as until October of 1862. One of his actions as provost-marshal was the ordering the Chamber of Commerce in St. Louis, which had many pro-Southern sympathizers, to disband and forbidding itís members to reconvene anywhere in the state. In 1862 he recruited and organized the 30th MO Inf., which he was commissioned Colonel of on 31Oct1862. He only served with the regiment a few weeks before being assigned to duty in St. Louis dealing with issues relating to escaped slaves. He rejoined the field army in time to lead Blairís brigade in the siege of Vicksburg and subsequently at Natchez, MS, where he became commander of the District of Natchez. He then helped organize a black regiment, which ultimately became the 6th U.S. Colored Hvy Art., and on 09Mar1865 he was transferred to it. He resigned 08May1865 and commissioned a Brevet Brigadier General on 09May1865. After resigning he returned to St. Louis and resumed the duties of civil life, where he had been numbered among the leading citizens of the city. During President Harrisonís administration he served as Asst. U.S. Treasurer at St. Louis for four years. He was prominently identified with the Republican Party since its organization, and for many years had been on of its most conspicuous representatives in MO.

Bernard was elected a Companion of the MO Commandery of MOLLUS on 23Feb1889 with insignia #6855. His residence at that time was 3435 Franklin Ave., St. Louis, MO. He served as Sr. Vice Commander 1909-1910 and was Commander 1910-1911. Isabel died 02Apr1916 and Bernard died 06Jun1916. Both are buried at the Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis, MO.

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