Major-Surgeon Stephen Oliver Himoe, 15th WI Infy USV
(1832 Norway-1904 MO)
Original Member of the Missouri Commandery of MOLLUS

MO Commandery of MOLLUS, Circular No.282, 15Nov1904
Original Photo from the MO Commandery of MOLLUS Photograph collection
Located at the Missouri State Historical Society Library and Archives, St. Louis, MO

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Stephen Oliver Himoe (Sven Olaus Mathiassen Himo) was born March 10, 1832 in Norway. His father came to the United States when Stephen was thirteen years old, settling in Wisconsin. Here the boy attended the public schools and graduated from the Academy of Plattville. Coming to St. Louis to study medicine, he was graduated from the St. Louis Medical College in 1856. The next year he moved to Kansas, then the seat of turmoil and conflict, and from that time until the outbreak of the civil war Dr. Himoe stood fast for everything that represented civil liberty, good government, and the welfare of every class of community in the young State.

In September, 1861, Dr. Himoe was commissioned by Gov. Robinson as Assistant Surgeon of Col. Judson's Regt. 6th KS Cav. USV. In November, 1861, he was commissioned Surgeon of the 15th WI Infy USV, which position he held until his resignation in November, 1863. He was with the infantry brigade supporting Commodore Foote's fleet of gunboats during the siege of Island No.10, TN, during March, 1862, and after the occupation the doctor fitted up the captured rebel transport, "Mars," as a floating hospital. After much campaigning ro and fro in TN and MS, the command to which the 15th WI Infy USV belonged joined General Buell's army, October 1, 1862. The doctor was on the field of battle at Perryville, KY, October 7th and 8th, and at Stone River, December 31st and January 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 1863. He was in charge of hospitals at Murfeesboro, TN, during February, March, and April. During the battle of Chickamauga, Dr. Himoe had charge of Field Hospitals at Crawfish Springs, and the Sanitary Rooms at Chattanooga. One of the the patients he attended during the Battle of Chickamauga in the State of Georgia, the second bloodiest battle of the war, was his good friend and brother-in-law Colonel Hans Christian Heg who died September 20, 1863 from wounds te day before.

On November 13, 1863, he resigned his commission, for reasons of a personal character, and was honorably discharged from the service of the United States, being complimented for his faithful and efficient services in special orders from headquarters, Department of the Cumberland. After the close of the war Dr. Himoe returned to Kansas and in 1885 moved to Kansas City, MO, where he continued in the practice of medicine until his death, April 19, 1904.

Dr. Himoe was very quiet and unobtrusive in manner of character. He was highly esteemed in the medical profession, respected as a citizen, trusted as a man and beloved by a host of people of every class, to whose ailments of body or mind he had been able to minister with skill and kindly sympathy during a long life. He was one of the quiet heroes, of whom the world hears little but without whose faithful, silent service no great things could be accomplished.

Stephen married Andrea Evensdatter Heg, July 3, 1857, a sister of Hans Christian Heg, Colonel of the 15th WI Infy USV. Andrea was born Jan1835 and died 13Jun1880 and had the following known children by 1904: Eva Himoe (b.28Nov1858, never married), Stephen Ernest Himoe (b.14Sept1861, two children: Charlotte L. Himoe [b.31Jan1902] and Clifford Elmer Himoe [b..22Aug1905]), H. Clarence Himoe (b.27Aug1864, no children), John Elmer Himoe (b.27Aug1864, no children), Annetta Himoe (b.20Jul1867, not married). Stephen died April 19, 1904 in Kansas City, MO and is buried in the Oakhill Cemetery, in Lawrence, KS.

Major-Surgeon Stephen Oliver Himoe, 15th WI Infy USV was elected a Companion of the MO Commandery December 3, 1892 Insignia MO#9843. His son Stephen Ernest Himoe MO#14459 and nephew James E. Heg WI#4824, son of Bvt. BGen & Col. Hans Christian Heg, and his great-nephew Elmer Elsworth Heg WA#14614 were all hereditary members. Currently Stephen's great(1x)grandson Albert Himoe MO#22201 is a hereditary member of the MO Commandery.

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