Major & ADC Julius Pitzman, First Division MSM USV
Captain 6th MO Infy USV
(1837 Germany-1923 MO)
Original Member of the Missouri Commandery of MOLLUS

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Julius Pitzman was born March 9, 1837 in Hallerstadt, Germany the son of Frederick G. and Amalia (Ebers) Pitzman. His father was born on May 5, 1795 and had fought in the campaigns of 1812-15 against Napoleon and died in 1852. Julius was educated in the Real Gymnasium in Hallerstadt, Germany, came to the US in 1854 with his widowed mother and brother to join his sisters who's husbands had participated in the revolution of 1848, one of them being Chas. E. Salomon who had been an Engineer in the Prussian Army and would later be Col. of the 5th MO Infy USV (3 months) in 1861.

Julius first lived in Waukesha, WI and then to St. Louis in 1856 where he worked under his brother-in-law St. Louis City Engineer Chas. E. Salomon and was educated as a Topographical and Civil Engineer. He entered the office of the St. Louis City Engineer, 1856; Chief of County Surveyor's Office, 1857-1858; started a private surveyor's office, 1859; and was the acting St. Louis County Engineer, 1861.

When the Civil War came on he offered his services and was appointed Lt. of Topographical Engineers on the staff of the General commanding the Department of Missouri, in the fall of 1861. He was transferred to 1st Lt. of Co.D 6th MO Infy on November 19, 1862, and promoted to Captain of that Company April 15, 1863.

He served with distinction as Captain of Engineers on the staff of General McClernand in the assault and capture of Arkansas Post and on the staff to General Sherman in all the campaign that led up to investment of Vicksburg, MS, until he was severly wounded while he was in the performance of duty and sent to hospital May 24, 1863. After remaining in hospital for nearly five months and being discharged for active duty he resigned December 26, 1863. When the Confederate General Serling Price invaded Missouri with a large army in October and November, 1864, Julius rendered his services to Governor Hall and was appointed Major and ADC to General Edward Pike serving with the First Division MSM until the danger from the invasion was past when he was relieved from active service and was discharged November 3, 1864.

After the war he served as St. Louis County Surveyor, was Chief Engineer of Forest Park from 1874 until completion, was St. Louis City Surveyor from 1877, President of Pitzman's Company of Surveyors and Engineers. He was responsible for designing many areas in St. Louis and had PITZMAN AVENUE named in his honor in the subdivision of the John J. O'Fallon estate. The civil life and activities of Julius were no less honorable and commendable than his military service. He took great interest and pride in all movements that made for the upbuilding and beauty of his home city, St. Louis. Many of the parks and boulevards planned and laid out by him are permanent monuments of his artistic taste, civic pride, and progressive foresight.

He was twice married: First in St. Louis on Oct. 1, 1867 to Emma R. Tittmann and had the following children: Florence H. (m.Edward A. Hermann); Edwin Sherman; and Otto Hilgard ( infancy). Julius married a second time in St. Louis on March 31, 1879 to Caroline Marsh Wislizenus and had the following children: Julius ( infancy); G. Marsh; Harold W.; Frederick; and Louise Natalia. Julius died August 31, 1923 in St. Louis, MO. and is buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery, St Louis, MO.

Captain Julius Pitzman, 6th MO Infy USV was elected a Companion the MO Commandery December 31, 1888, Insignia #6552 and was held in high esteem by all his Companions. He was also a member of the Ranson GAR Post#131 in St. Louis, MO. He lived though four score and six wonderful years, his mind and faculties undimmed and left a record of achivements for the public good.

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