1st Lt. Bernard Zick, 8th IL Infy USV
(1842 Germany-1923 MO)
Original Member of the Missouri Commandery of MOLLUS

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Bernard Zick was born March 9, 1842 in Germany the son of Andrew and Theresia Zick.

He enlisted in the three months service as a Pvt. in Co.B 8th IL Infy and when his term expired in July he re-enlisted in the same company for three years. He was promoted to 2nd Lt. September 3, 1862 and to 1st Lt. October 7, 1862. He was honorably discharged at the expiration of his term of enlistment, July 27, 1864.

He was with his command at the capture of Fort Henry and Fort Donnelson, in the battle of Shiloh and in the seige of Corinith. He received a scalp wound at Shiloh and a wound in his left forearm in the seige of Corinth; he was with the army that invested and captured Vicksburg and participated in the several battles that led up to its seige and surrender.

Lived in Pleasant Hill, MO in 1895, 1901, and 1908. He was married to Mary K ? with known children: Henrietta, Oscar, and Theresa Zick. Bernard died September 28, 1923 in Independence, MO and is buried at Pleasant Hill, MO.

1st Lt. Bernard Zick, 8th IL Infy USV was elected a Companion the MO Commandery June 7, 1890, Insignia #8015. He was a brave and courageos soldier and an honored and highly respected citizen; his memory will be cherished by all who knew him.

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