11th Missouri Regiment Infantry Vols. (Franklin Co.)

This regiment was raised in Missouri and Illinois, between the middle of June 1st and the 1st of August, 1861, as a rifle regiment, at the request of and for Capt. Rufus Saxton, of the regular army; but Capt. Saxton was promoted and sent to another department soon afterward, he never took command. The regiment was organized August 1, 1861, at the United States Arsenal, at St. Louis, and Capt. David Bayles took command as its colonel, and on the 6th of August, started with it to Cape Girardeau, arriving there on the 7th, and going into camp. On the 28th of the same month it was ordered on an expedition to Perryville, MO, and was gone about seven days, capturing quite a number of rebels, breaking up quite a number of rebel recruiting stations, and marching about seventy-five miles. On its return it went into camp, and, on the 30th of September following, Col. Plummer succeeded Col. Bayles in command. The regiment had an extremely eventful and useful history, serving with credit and distinction to the end of the war.

11th Missouri Regiment Infantry Vols. Co.K, was raised in Franklin Co., MO. Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks -------- ---------------------- --------------- --------------------------------------- Captain William S. Stewart Dec. 31, 1861 Resigned, Apr. 30, 1864. Captain Cyrus D. Kendall May 03, 1864 Mustered out at expiration, Jun. 18, 1865. Captain D. E. Coogan Jun. 18, 1865 1st Lt. W. A. Duggins Dec. 31, 1861 Resigned, Jun. 18, 1862. 1st Lt. Charles H. Foster Jul. 07, 1862 Mustered out, 1864. 1st Lt. George C. Robinson Jun. 28, 1865 2nd Lt. Charles H. Foster Dec. 31, 1861 Promoted to 1st Lt., Jun. 19, 1862. 2nd Lt. Cyrus D. Kendall Jul. 07, 1862 Promoted to Capt.. 2nd Lt. D. E. Coogan Mar. 29, 1865 Declined. 2nd Lt. George C. Robinson Jun. 17, 1865 Promoted to 1st Lt., Jun. 28, 1865. 2nd Lt. William Snow Jun. 28, 1865  
Source: "History of Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Crawford, and Gasconade Cos., MO", by Goodspeed, c1888, p.247-248.

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