1878 Franklin County Land Plat Atlas: Table of Contents

Table of Contents --------------------------------------------------------- History of Franklin Co. p.8-9,12 History of Townships p.14, 16-17 Patrons Directory p.17, 20-21, 24-25, 28-29 Biographical Sketches --------------------- p.37 Cuthbert S. Jeffries James Halligan Joseph O'Shea Dr. John W. Jackson Col. T. W. B. Crews p.52 Robert M. Armstong Hon. Glen O. Hardeman Dr. Elijah McLean Charles W. Wood Stephen Frazee Herman Wiesel Robert Hoffman p.53 Gordian L. Busch Bernhard Cleve Col. Amos Maupin Edwin H. Jeffries Thadeus A. Lowe Wm. B. Smith Charles C. Jones, Esq. Capt. L. D. Immell p.56 Leopold Wattenberg John T. Vitt Paulus Dress Julian Bagby Judge John T. Crowe Charles P. McCune Robert H. May, Sen., Deceased Judge Francis Becker p.57 Hon. James Ming Samuel T. Adams Dr. Benjamin F. Bruch Tarlton W. Chiles John F. Roeder Judge James T. Connally Flavius J. North Charles Reinhard (cont. p.60) p.69 Sketches of: Jno T. Crowe Chas. M. McCune Jos. M. O'Shea  

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