47th MO Reg. Inf. Vols. (Franklin Co.)

A portion of the 47th MO Reg. Inf. Vols was raised in this (Franklin) county: Half of Co.B and all of Co.D. This regiment was raised by Col. Thomas C. Fletcher, in Southeast Missouri for service in that part of the State. Col. Fletcher, in raising this regiment, relied, in part, on the experience of tried officers, whom he found unemployed: David Murphy, late of the 1st MO Art.; Maj. John W. Fletcher, late of the 30th MO Inf.; Col. Amos W. Maupin, late of the 26th MO Inf.; Capt. Jas. S. McMurtry, late of the 31st MO Inf.; Capt. W. T. Leeper, late of the 12th MSM Cav., and Capt. John W. Maupin, late of the 26th MO Inf.. Loyal men so promptly, and in such numbers, flocked to the standard of Col. Fletcher, that Gen. Rosecrans directed the organization of the 50th MO Inf., with which he intrusted Col. Fletcher, who turned it over to Maj. Murphy, who completed its organization and became its colonel. Upon the completion of the organization of the 47th MO Reg. Inf., its companies were generally sent each into the county in which it was raised for duty there. Capt. Maupin, however, was sent to the Iron Mountain Railroad, to guard bridges. Upon the approach of Gen. Price, on his last great raid through Missouri, Companies A, F, G, H and I, after some experience with Price's raiders, concentrated at Pilot Knob, and particiated in the gallant defense of Fort Davidson, under Gen. Ewing. All of the officers on this occasion covered themselves with glory, and Maj. Gen. Rosecrans, in general orders, mentioned Col. Fletcher, Adj. Murphy, and Lt. Col. Maupin. "On the retreat from Pilot Knob to Leasburg, a distance of sixty miles, every man and officer of the regiment, as indeed of the entire command, proved himself a soldier in the highestacceptance of the term." After fighting the whole distance, upon reaching Leasburg, tired, hungry and worn, they threw up fortifications, and defied the entire division of the enemy for two whole days. Having received re-enforcements, they pursued their march to Rolla, and relieved Gen. McNeil, who, with a cavalry force of 3,500, moved on to Jefferson City, and contributed largely to its safety. Capt. Maupin with his company, was sent up the Missouri River on a steamboat to prevent the rebels from crossing the river. After the raiders had passed on beyond the reach of infantry the companies, were sent back to their respective counties for the protection of the loyal people.

When Sherman determined to march to the sea, these soldiers, although they had been enlisted, were sent, and went without faltering, to strengthen Gen. Thomas, so that he might be strong enough to cope with Hood. Col. Fletcher haveing been elected governor of the State, Lt. Col. Maupin was commissioned colonel, and Adj. Murphy was appointed colonel of the 50th MO Inf. Leaving for Nashville in December, the regiment reached Nashville, three days after the battle with Hood; thence it marched to Spring Hill, Columbia and Pulaski, and gaurded the communications of Gen. Thomas until March 15, 1865. Lt. Col. Fletcher, Capt. St. Geur (Co.K), Lt. J. T. Sutton (Co.A), besides other officers of the regiment, were members of the State convention which framed the new consititution, and Capt. McMurtry (Co.A) and Pvt. Meloy were members of the Legislature. This regiment mustered out about April, 01, 1865.

The 47th MO Inf. was a six months' regiment. The casualties in the regiment were as follows: Two men were killed, 34 died of disease, 10 deserted, 36 officers and 336 men were honorably discharged, 7 men were discharged for disability, 3 officers resigned, and 1 officer deserted.

47th MO Reg. Inf. Vols. Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks -------- ---------------------- --------------- --------------------------------------- Colonel Thomas C. Fletcher Sep. 16, 1864 Resigned Nov. 18, 1864. Colonel A. W. Maupin Nov. 25, 1864 Mustered out at expiration, Mar. 28, 1865. Lt. Col. Amos W. Maupin Sep. 16, 1864 Promoted Col. Lt. Col. John W. Fletcher Nov. 25, 1864 Mustered out at expiration, Mar. 30, 1865. Major John W. Emerson Oct. 08, 1864 Mustered out at expiration, Mar. 30, 1865. Adjutant David Murphy Aug. 03, 1864 Promoted Lt. Col., 50th MO Inf., Oct. 20, 1864. Adjutant Edwin E. Furber Nov. 18, 1865 Mustered out, Apr. 01, 1865. Q. M. John W. Fletcher Aug. 03, 1864 Promoted to Lt. Col., Nov. 25, 1864. Q. M. Samuel B. Rowe Nov. 28, 1864 Mustered out, Mar. 29, 1865. Surgeon John H. Stumberg Nov. 02, 1864 Mustered out, Mar. 28, 1865. A. Surg. J. M. Youngblood Oct. 22, 1864 Mustered out, Mar. 30, 1865. Co.B Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks -------- ---------------------- --------------- --------------------------------------- Captain William J. Buxton Aug. 25, 1864 Mustered out, Mar. 29, 1865. 1st Lt. John C. Hamel Aug. 25, 1864 Mustered out, Mar. 29, 1865. 2nd Lt. Benjamin F. Butler Aug. 25, 1864 Mustered out, Mar. 29, 1865. Co.D Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks -------- ---------------------- --------------- --------------------------------------- Captain John W. Maupin Sep. 12, 1864 Mustered out, Mar. 30, 1865. 1st Lt. Samuel J. Crowe Sep. 12, 1864 Mustered out, Mar. 30, 1865. 2nd Lt. Abraham J. Gilcrease Sep. 12, 1864 Mustered out, Mar. 30, 1865.  
Source: "History of Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Crawford, and Gasconade Cos., MO", by Goodspeed, c1888, p.251-254, 255.

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