Franklin County Home Guard Regiment

A regiment was immediately organized in June, 1861, consisting of 6 companies, a total of 500 men, headquartered in Washington, MO Pacific R.R., created under authority of Capt. Lyon, and placed under the command of J. W. Owens. This company was for some time secretly drilling with shotguns and rifles, getting ready to aid in the defense of their country. Col. Owens and A. W. Maupin applied in St. Louis, to Capt. Lyon, for muskets and ammunition, ad their application was complied with on the condition that they would be personally responsible. Two hundred and fourteen muskets were sent out by Capt. Lyon to Washington, Mo., on the night of June 11, 1861, and with them were armed two companies, commanded, respectively, by Capt. Wilhelmi and Capt. Maupin. The former company, upon receiving their muskets, immediately took possession of Washington, and the latter marched to Union. Upon approaching the town, Capt. Maupin took the precaution to place guards on every road leading out of Union, and then marched into town, the glistening bayonets of his 100 men making a brilliant spectacle. There were then about ten rebels in Union, and, upon seeing the approach of the "lightning rods," these rebels attempted to make their escape, but found every road closed against them, and were captured on different roads, and brought back into town. They were admonished to desist from all attempts to interfere with the Government in defending its existence. At that time there were seven secession flags flying in the county, but before night every one of them was taken down by the secessionists themselves. Primary duties of the regiment consisted in guarding railroad bridgesin Franklin county until September, 1861, when te regiment was disbanded.

Early Franklin County Regiment Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks -------- ---------------------- --------------- --------------------------------------- Colonel Jesse W. Owens Co.A (77 men) Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks -------- ---------------------- --------------- --------------------------------------- Captain Francis Wilhelmi 1st Lt. George Bergner 2nd Lt. August Klein Co.B (101 men) Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks -------- ---------------------- --------------- --------------------------------------- Captain Amos W. Maupin 1st Lt. J. B. Maupin 2nd Lt. Moricht Jumfield Co.C (67 men) Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks -------- ---------------------- --------------- --------------------------------------- Captain George C. Kuster 1st Lt. Wm G. Dudley 2nd Lt. Samuel Colaway Co.D (84 men) Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks -------- ---------------------- --------------- --------------------------------------- Captain Adolphus Frick 1st Lt. Augustus Spinner 2nd Lt. Christoph Dieckmann Co.E (81 men) Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks -------- ---------------------- --------------- --------------------------------------- Captain George F. Kunzle 1st Lt. Josias Allen 2nd Lt. Joshua B. Wolf Co.F (86 men) Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks -------- ---------------------- --------------- --------------------------------------- Captain Wiley C. Wiseman 1st Lt. William Harry 2nd Lt. James Crews  
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