Among the patriotic organizations of Franklin and St. Louis Counties, during the Three-Months' Union Service of 1861, was the Pacific Battalion USRC. It was organized June, 1861, under the authority of Gen. Lyon, known as the Pacific Battalion Home Guard, St. Louis County. It consisted of 6 Companies and totaled 316 men with it's HQ at Franklin or Pacific, Missouri Pacific R.R. The chief service of the battalion was to guard bridges on the Pacific Railroad in St. Louis and Franklin Counties. The organization was mustered out of service by Colonel Chester Harding, on September 18th, 1861, receiving a nominal pay of $10, not having been regularly mustered into the United States Service.

WILLIAM C. INKS: Served as the first postmaster of Pacific from July 15, 1854 to May 4, 1861, at a modest salary never exceeding that of $122.16 for 1869, was a Major commanding the Pacific Home Guards, 1861. His organization is briefly mentioned as Franklin, possibly Franklin "County" or Pacific City Battalion, in a booklet about Missouri troops in service during the Civil War, 57th Congress, 1st session, Senate Document No 412, page 225. The organization is generally credited to Franklin county, but judging from the records of September, 1861, when it was active, it was apparently recruited from several counties.

Formed at Allenton, the chief service of the Company was to guard the railroad bridges from June 8th to 28th at Fox Creek, and after that date at Glencoe. The Company made two larger scouts into Jefferson County, infested at the time by notorious bushwacker Sam Hilderbrandt. The first of these scouts, under Lieutenant Colonel Holmes, the second, under Captain Robert C. Allen, were undertaken to secure safety to Union people, arrest marauding bands and seize contraband of war.

PACIFIC BATTALION, USRC (3months) Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks -------- ---------------------- --------------- --------------------------------------- Major William C. Inks Surgeon Gustave Stricker QM George King Co.A (55 men) Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks -------- ---------------------- --------------- --------------------------------------- Captain Charles Bender 1st Lt. George Bunde Co.B (43 men) Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks -------- ---------------------- --------------- --------------------------------------- Captain Robert C. Allen 1st Lt. Daniel M. Keler 2nd Lt. Fred. Wengler 1st Sgt. J. T. Ferguson Sgt. Hiram Wood Sgt. P. Murphy Sgt. C. L. Brown Sgt. Thomas Thomas Cpl. Theo. Logger Cpl. Numon Wood Cpl. J. C. Cloak Cpl. Wm. C. Wengler Privates Brown, Benjamin Brown, John Butterbread, John Cloak, Wm. K. Clifton, Thomas Cochran, John Cochran, Nat. DeMire, John Dickens, Geo. Dickens, James Dickens, Wood Dickets, John Fraze, Emanuel Fleming, John Hensley, Joshua Hepp, George Hinze, Herman Hoffman, John Lintz, Arntz Mifler, Augustus Schoemate, Wm. Sickman, Kasper Wasson, John Wasson, Robert Wasson, Thompson Westmann, Michael Will, David Williams, Ben Williams, John Willis, Fred Younger, John Co.C (44 men) Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks -------- ---------------------- --------------- --------------------------------------- Captain Adolphus Stricker 1st Lt. Louis Krueger 1st Lt. Frederick Steines 2nd Lt. Hannibal Gutmann Sgt. Charles Ossenforth Sgt. Rudolph Franz. Stricker Cpl. John Schuster Co.D (74 men) Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks -------- ---------------------- --------------- --------------------------------------- Captain Christian Idel 1st Lt. Gust. Hausgen 2nd Lt. August Steuernagel/Stevermaget Sgt. Francis Becker Sgt. Alexander Gabler Sgt. Wm A. F. Hartmann Sgt. John William Pohlig Cpl. Charles A. Kincaid Cpl. Herman Steines Musician Henry Kocks Co.E (40 men) Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks -------- ---------------------- --------------- --------------------------------------- Captain William Haaz 1st Lt. Charles T. Grube 2nd Lt. Emanuel Scheuddig/Scheledelig Sgt. John Holderik/Holderim Sgt. Christoph Vogel Co.F (57 men) Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks -------- ---------------------- --------------- --------------------------------------- Captain William Stossberg 1st Lt. Reinhard Strecker/Frecker, Jr. 2nd Lt. Charles Hildebrand Sgt. Valentine Funk Sgt. Philip Hahn Cpl. William Bohming/Bohning Cpl. Frederick Hilkenkamp Cpl. Louis Pillmann Jr. Musician Henry Weber Other officers (commissioned & non-cmmissioned) who's unit/rank has yet to be determined: Michael Banquet William Bartold Henry Bucherding Gust Hansgen Chas. Holz John Hude Henry Mahlhase Frederick Missen Wm. Stolsberg Bernhardt Zaver  
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