(1st) Gasconade County Battalion (3 months) (Gasconade Co.)

This battalion was organized in June, 1861, with a total of 473 men, and its services accepted by Gen. Lyon. These services consisted of guarding bridges on the Pacific Railroad, and in escorting provision trains from Hermann to Montgomery City, MO. It also participated in the expedition from Miller's Landing to Georgetown, in Franklin Co., MO. This battalion disbanded October 1, 1861, and reorganized as Hunhausen' Battalion USRC-3 years service.

(1st) Gasconade County Battalion (3 months) Rank Officer -------- ---------------------- Lt. Col. Julius Hundhausen A. Surg. John Feldmann QM Hermann Schlender Co. A (84 men) -------------- Captain C. C. Manwaring 1st Lt. John Guttmann 2nd Lt. Charles P. Stribley Co. B (98 men) -------------- Captain Constance Riek 1st Lt. Henry Germann 2nd Lt. August Hammel Co. C (100 men) --------------- Captain Julius Buckmeister 1st Lt. Thomas Clarg 2nd Lt. Ernst Lange Co. D (91 men) -------------- Captain Bernhard Stochlin 1st Lt. August Liebmann 2nd Lt. John Allemann Co. E (97 men) -------------- Captain Frederick Pehde 1st Lt. B. Mundwiller 2nd Lt. George Eppler  
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For additional regimental history information see the "Annual Report of the Adjutant General of Missouri for the year ending December 31, 1865, c1866, p.29&38-39: 1st Gasconade County Battalion & 2nd Gasconade County Battalion (mention of)

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