Dallmeyer's Battalion (6 months) (Gasconade Co.)

This battalion, also known as the 3rd Regt. MSM 6 months, was organized in September, 1861, with a total of 570 men, mustered in at Camp Matthews, in Gasconade Co. as nine compaines of Infantry. After remaning in the camp for some time it marched to Chamois, MO in the latter part of October 1861, and made that place the base of its operations. Numerous scouts were sent out in search of rebels, but encountered no serious opposition. About December 15, 1861, the command went to Franklin, MO, and there spent the remainder of their term of enlistment in doing guard duty. Although the precise date of the mustering out of this command is not known, it was during the first part of February, 1862.

Dallmeyer's Battalion (6 months) - Gasconade County Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks -------- ---------------------- --------------- --------------------------------------- Colonel James A. Matthews Sep. 08, 1861 Resigned, Nov. 26, 1861. Lt. Col. W. Q. Dallmeyer Sep. 08, 1861 Major John B. Cooper Sep. 08, 1861 Adjt. W. W. Clarke Sep. 12, 1861 Q. M. L. Dierkegraefe Sep. 08, 1861 Surgeon James L. Kierwan Dec. 04, 1861 A. Surg. W. Everard Dec. 14, 1861 Co. A ------- Captain William Meyer Sep. 07, 1861 1st Lt. Thomas McKinney Sep. 07, 1861 2nd Lt. Henry Buckholz Sep. 07, 1861 Co. B ------- Captain Elijah McDaniel Sep. 10, 1861 1st Lt. George M. Sumell Sep. 10, 1861 2nd Lt. James P. Shockley Sep. 10, 1861 Co. C ------- Captain P. H. Collier Sep. 09, 1861 1st Lt. James Perryman Sep. 09, 1861 2nd Lt. B. A. Matthews Sep. 09, 1861 Co. D ------- Captain A. J. Hurlbut Sep. 07, 1861 1st Lt. James McDaniel Sep. 07, 1861 2nd Lt. Joseph P. Brown Sep. 07, 1861 Co. E ------- Captain William Ousley Sep. 07, 1861 1st Lt. William Leach Sep. 07, 1861 2nd Lt. Egideon Vechter Sep. 07, 1861 Co. F ------- Captain Thomas B. Matthews Sep. 12, 1861 1st Lt. Fritz Hain Sep. 12, 1861 2nd Lt. William Diebolt Sep. 12, 1861 Co. G ------- Captain W. J. Williams Sep. 09, 1861 1st Lt. J. B. Matthews Sep. 09, 1861 2nd Lt. M. S. Bronson Sep. 09, 1861 Co. H ------- Captain W. K. Meyers Sep. 12, 1861 1st Lt. Harry Berger Sep. 12, 1861 2nd Lt. H. Heidbrink Sep. 12, 1861 Co. I ------- Captain Henry W. Burnett Sep. 14, 1861 1st Lt. Samuel Miller Sep. 12, 1861 2nd Lt. Thomas B. Matthews Sep. 12, 1861  
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