Index to the Civil War Officers of Missouri Volunteers and Missouri State Militia
(does not include MSM 6 mon, EMM, MO Colored Troops, brevet ranks, and other federalized officers: future projects)

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This is an alphabetical listing of officers as taken from the "Annual Report of the Adjutant General of Missouri for the Year Ending December 31, 1865" c1866 which contains the most complete listing of MO officers we have found to date. Additional names will be added as they are transcribed. Many of these officers were original members of MOLLUS and their descendants (direct and collateral) are also eligible for membership. We have additional information on many of these officers and ask you to visit our MOLLUS homepage for more details. We hope this list will help educate others on the history and importance of Missouri in the Civil War.

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Question: "But what if my ancestor was not an officer or I am not sure what his rank was and he is not listed here?"
Ancestry Search over 500 Million Names Now!
First Name Last Name has is a great place to search multiple on-line databases, some are free and by becoming a member (about $5 a month) you will have access to all of the databases with more being added every day. Enter the name of the person you are looking for in the search box above. Any matches in the Civil War databases will be in the Military Links folder and includes searches in the American Civil War Soldiers database, (advanced searches such as by regiment can be done too) and the Civil War Muster Rolls database (an on-line index to all of the NARC rolls) plus searches in many other state databases. This has been the best single resource to locate information on anyone who served, Union or Confederate, from any state that we have found to date but may not include everyone who served in the Civil War, but more is being added.

The National Park Service is working on an on-index of all soldiers, Union and Confederate, that are listed on the muster rolls at the National Archives, which will be listed on the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors website, but currently only includes regiments from CT, IA, LA, MA, PA, SC, TN, and the USCT troops.
Copies of the muster rolls for MO can be found in many larger libraries in MO. Broadfoot has published a series of index books based on the NARC muster rolls organized by State which are also in many larger libraries.

Other MO specific sites worth looking at include the
The MO State Archives also has data but we have not heard of any plans to create an on-line index as of yet similar to what the IL State Archives has created.

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