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History of Battles, Battlefields, Parks, Museums, Historical Sites, and Cemeteries (105) Return to Index

  • Battle of Athens - State Historic Site (Athens)

  • MO MOLLUS War Paper: The Battle of Athens

  • Battle of Belmont - 07 Nov, 1861 History

  • Thomas Hart Benton Home and Studio - State Historic Site (Kansas City)

  • Battle of Boonville - 17 Jun, 1861 History

  • Branson Civil War Museum, 3069 Shephard Of The HLS Expwy, Branson, MO 65616, (417) 334-1861

  • Byram's Ford - APCWS (Kansas City)
  • Battle of Centralia, MO Sept. 27, 1864 - List of Killed of the 39th MO Inf.
  • Battle of Cape Giraradeau - National Park

  • Battle Of Carthage Civil War Museum, 205 Grant St, Carthage, MO 64836, (417) 358-6643


  • Civil War Museum, 205 Grant St, Carthage, MO 64836, (417) 358-6643

  • Battle of Clark's Mill (Vera Cruz) - 07 Nov, 1862 History

  • Confederate Memorial - State Historic Site (Higginsville)

  • Confederate Monument in St. Louis (Sterling Price Camp #145, SCV)

  • Battle of Dry Wood Creek - 02 Sep, 1861 History

  • Battle of Fredericktown - History

  • Battle of Fredericktown - 21 Oct, 1861 History

  • Battle of Fort Davidson - State Historic Site (Pilot Knob)

  • Camp Jackson (St. Louis) on the Frost Campus of St. Louis University, Marker located near the corner of Olive, Lindell, and Theresa (Location of Gen. Frost's HQ)

  • Gateway Military Historical Society, 4534 Woodson Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63134, (314) 426-1231

  • General Sterling Price Museum, 412 W Bridge St, Keytesville, MO 65261, (816) 288-3204

  • General Sterling Price (by the Sterling Price Camp #145, SCV)

  • General Sweeny's Civil War Museum (Republic, MO)

  • Battle of Glasgow - 15 Oct, 1864 History

  • GRANT'S FARM: Grant's home (St. Louis)

  • Hardscrabble - Grant's Farm (St. Louis)

  • Battle of Hartville - 09-11 Jan, 1863 History

  • Hunter-Dawson - State Historic Site (New Madrid)

  • Battle of Independence - 11 Aug, 1862 History

  • Battle of Independence - 22 Oct, 1864 History

  • Jefferson Barracks Historic Pk, 533 Grant Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63125, (314) 544-5714

  • Clay Co Jesse James Bank & Farm Museum, Historic Liberty Sq. 103 N, Liberty, MO 64068 (816) 781-4458

  • Jesse James Bank Museum, 12126 Jesse James Farm Rd, Liberty, MO 64068, (816) 781-4458

  • Jesse James Farm & Museum, 21216 Jesse James Farm Rd, Kearney, MO 64060, (816) 628-6065

  • Jesse James Hideout - Meramec Caverns (Stanton) (573)-468-6463

  • Jesse James House Museum, PO Box 1022, Saint Joseph, MO 64502, (816) 232-8206

  • James Jesse Museum, Exit 230, Stanton, MO 63079, (573) 927-5233

  • Battle of Kirksville - 06-09 Aug, 1862 History

  • Battle of Lexington - State Historic Site (Lexington)

  • Battle of Liberty - 17 Sep, 1861 History

  • Battle of Little Blue River - 21 Oct, 1864 History

  • Battle of Lone Jack - 15-16 Aug, 1862 History

  • LoneJack Battlefield Museum, 301 S Bynum Rd, Lone Jack, MO 64070, (816) 566-2272

  • Battle of Marmiton River (Shiloh Creek, Charlot's Farm) - 25 Oct, 1864 History

  • List of those wounded and killed at the Battle of Moore's Mill in Callaway Co.

  • Military Museum Of The Ozarks, Hc 1, Branson, MO 65616, (417) 335-5337

  • MO State Museum & Jefferson, Capitol Bldg Rm B-2, Jefferson City, MO 65101, (573) 751-3475

  • Battle of Mount Zion Church - 28 Dec, 1861 History

  • National Military Heritage Society and Museum (St. Joseph) (816)-233-4321

  • Battle of New Madrid/Island No.10 - 28 Feb-08 Apr, 1862 History

  • Battle of Newtonia - 30 Sep, 1862 History

  • Battle of Newtonia - 28 Oct, 1864 History

  • The Old Courthouse - National Historic Site (St. Louis)

  • Battle of Roan's Tan Yard (Silver Creek) - 08 Jan, 1862 History

  • Rolla in Civil War Times - History (Rolla)

  • Battle of Silver Creek (Roan's Tan Yard)- 08 Jan, 1862 History

  • Soldiers Memorial Military Mus, 1315 Chestnut St, Saint Louis, MO 63103, (314) 622-4550

  • Battle of Springfield (Also see Battle of Wilson's Creek)
  • White Haven - Ulysses S. Grant Home - National Historic Site (St. Louis)

  • NPF Guide - White Haven - Ulysses S. Grant Home - National Historic Site (St. Louis)

  • Battle of Westport (Kansas City) (816)-356-1113

  • Battle of Westport - 23 Oct, 1864 History

  • Battle of Wilson's Creek (Also see Battle of Springfield)
  • Missouri Civil War Index - Another website with additional Links

  • Missouri Civil War - Another website with additional Links

  • Index to the Civil War in Franklin County, Missouri

  • Index to the Civil War in Gasconade County, Missouri

  • Civil War Rosters - Missouri

  • Civil War St. Louis

  • Civil War Battles in and around Missouri

    • Includes Maps, Data, Songs, and Images on the following battles in and around MO:
      Boonville, Carthage, Wilson's Creek, Dry Wood Creek, Lexington (2x), Liberty, Fredericktown, Springfield (2x), Belmont, Mt. Zion church, Roan's Tan Yard, Pea Ridge, New Madrid-Island No. 10, Kirksville, Independence (2x), Lone Jack, Newtonia, Clark's Mill, Cane Hill, Prairie Grove, Hartville, Cape Girardeau, Chalk Bluff, Lawrence, Baxter Springs, Fort Davidson (Pilot Knob), Glasgow, Little Blue River, Byram's Ford, Westport, Marmiton River, Mine Creek, Marais des Cygnes, and Newtonia.


  • Bellefontaine Cemetery (St. Louis) 314-381-0750

  • Calvary Cemetery (St. Louis) (314)-381-1313

  • Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery (St. Louis) (314)-263-8691

  • Lone Jack Civil War Battlefield Museum and Cemetery (816)-566-2272

  • Old Newtonia Cemetery

  • Newtonia Cemetery Needs Your Help

  • Sappington Cemetery - State Historic Site (Arrow Rock)

  • USGenWeb Tombstone Inscription Project - Missouri Index

  • USGenWeb, Missouri Civil War Veterans Burial Project

  • Descendant Organizations (64) Return to Index

  • National Home Page, Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States

  • National Home Page, Dames of the Loyal Legion

  • National Home Page, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

  • National HomePage, Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War

  • Allied Orders of the Grand Army of the Republic - National Homepage

  • Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic - National Homepage

  • Woman's Relief Corps - National Homepage

  • Auxiliary to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War - National Homepage

  • National Home Page, Sons of Confederate Veterans

    • Missouri Division SCV

      • Gen. Sterling Price Camp #145 (St. Louis)

      • Gen. J.O. Shelby Camp #191 (Warrensburg)

      • Elijah Gates Camp #570 (Fulton)

      • Gen. John T. Hughes Camp #614 (Independence)

      • Gen. J.H. McBride Camp #632 (Springfield)

      • Gen. M.M. Parsons Camp #718 (Jefferson City)

      • A.C. Riley Camp #791 (New Madrid)

      • Little Dixie Camp #1673 (Columbia)

      • Col. Solomon G. Kitchen Camp #1731 (Stoddard County)

      • William T. Anderson Camp #1743 (Huntsville)

      • Maj. James Morgan Utz Camp #1815 (Florissant)

  • National Home Page, Military Order of the Stars and Bars

    • Missouri Society of MOS&B

      • Col. Ben Elliott #46 (Warrensburg)
        Maj. Gen. John S. Marmaduke #150 (Jefferson City)
        Maj. Gen. John S. Bowen #157 (St. Louis)
        Col. Upton Hays #235 (Springfield)
        Lt. Col. John R. Boyd #236 (Independence)
        Brig. Gen. M. Jeff Thompson #238 (Dexter)
  • United Daughters of the Confederacy - National Homepage

    • Missouri Division, UDC

      • Confederate Home Chapter #203 (Higgensville)
        Robert E. Lee Chapter #552 (Marshall)
        Springfield Chapter #625 (Springfield)
        Winnie Davis Chapter #628 (Jefferson City)
        Stonewall Jackson Chapter #639 (Kansas City)
        Independence Chapter #710 (Independence)
        John S. Marmaduke Chapter #713 (Columbia)
        Confederate Dames Chapter #1225 (St. Louis)
        George Edward Pickett Chapter #1316 (Kansas City)
        Robert E. Lee Chapter #1567(Boonville)
        Matthew Fontaine Maury Chapter #1768 (St. Louis)
        Sterling Price Chapter #2049 (Lexington)
        Dixie Chapter #2188 (Kansas City)
        Betty Shelby Chapter #2319 (Waverly)
  • Children of the Confederacy - National Homepage

  • Civil War Round Tables (8)Return to Index

  • Mid-Missouri Civil War Round Table (Columbia)

  • Civil War Round Table of Kansas City (913)-469-5040

  • Civil War Round Table of the Ozarks, Springfield, MO (417)-732-1224
  • Civil War Round Table of St. Louis

  • Civil War Round Table of Western MO (Kearney) (816)-628-9910

  • Trans-Mississippi Civil War Alliance (Includes AR, IA, KA, LA, MO, NE, OK, and TX) Tim Westcott (913)-831-6254

  • Civil War Round Table of NW Arkansas

  • Civil War Round Table of Stuttgart, Germany Prof. Wolfgang Hochbruck

  • Living Historians (2)Return to Index

  • 3rd MO Inf. USA

  • 8th MO Inf. USA

  • Reenactor Organizations (69)Return to Index

  • Missouri Civil War Reenactors Association (MCWRA, old website)

  • Other Groups:
  • 6th WI Inf. Co.C ("Iron Brigade") Contact: Mark Kettler 618-344-7894
  • (St. Louis)
  • Missouri Irish Brigade (7th & 30TH MO Inf. USA)

  • Irish Dragoons Mounted and Dismounted Cavalry, US (St. Joseph)
  • 8th MO Inf. USA

  • 1rst Confederate Division

  • 2nd KS Cav. USA

  • 2nd MO Co.K CSA

  • 9th MO Bat.

  • 10th MO Cav. USA email CDR Terry Crowder

  • The Co.B 11th MSG Missouri State Guard (MSG)

  • 34th IL Inf.

  • Mrs. Bowling - At Home, A salon for the intellectual and social edification of ladies and gentlemen with an interest in historical re-enactment and the late Civil War. Second Wednesday of the month, 7:30-10pm Dress optional. Light refreshments. An apolitical fellowship. No dues or membership. RSVP (314)-837-7779 or email (St. Louis)

  • Sister's of the 1860s (new group forming)

  • Elliot's Scouts: 75 man Cavalry fighting afoot, specializing in MO State Guard and Partisan Rangers email Michael Gooch (Liberty)

  • Elliot's Laundress: 20+ member group for laidies email Michael Gooch (Liberty)

  • 1st MO Engineers USA, Co.A

  • Trans-Mississippi Brigade

  • 10th MO Infantry Regiment, (USA)

  • 2nd MO State Guard Cav., Co.C Dismounted (CSA)

  • 10th MO Infantry Regiment, (CSA)

  • 10th Missouri Artillery Company (Prov.), (CSA)

  • Libraries with notable Collections on the Civil War in MO and MO Genealogical Societies (39)Return to Index

  • Civil War in MO Facts

  • Tidbits, Trivia, and Tales From Confederate Missouri (by the Sterling Price Camp #145, SCV)

  • The USGenWeb Project - Missouri (links to County Genealogical Societies)
  • MO Civil War Bookstore

  • Sketches of Civil War History 1861-1865 Read before the Missouri Commandery

  • MO Historical Museum Library and Research Center (St. Louis)

  • MO Historical Museum Library and Research Center (St. Louis)

  • Archives of the MO Historical Museum Library and Research Center (St. Louis)

  • St. Louis County Public Library (St. Louis) 9th Largest Public Library in the US

  • St. Louis Mercantile Library (St. Louis) (314)-621-0670

  • St. Louis Public Library (St. Louis)

  • Wilson's Creek NB Library (Springfield) (417)-732-2662

  • Battle of Wilson's Creek or Oak Hills (On-Line Book) (David Long)

  • Bibliography: St.Louis, Boonville, Carthage, & Athens

  • Bibliography: Wilson's Creek, Lexington, Springfield, & Belmont

  • MO State Library System

  • MO Libraries on the Internet

  • MO State Archives (How to Order MO Military Records)

  • MO State Archives (Homepage)

  • Military Records on File at the MO State Archives

  • The State Historical Society of MO

  • Western Historical Manuscript Collections - University of Missouri System Homepage

  • St. Charles City-Co. - Bizelli-Fleming History Collection Homepage
  • The Missouri Site of USGenWeb

  • U.S. Army Military History Institute - Carlisle

  • Confederate Rosters Collection Index, Library of Virginia

  • National Archives Records Administration

  • Library of Congress

  • Special Interest/Research Topic Links (104)Return to Index

    Missouri Commandey of MOLLUS

    The Enrolled Missouri Militia

    Surrounding States Civil War Resources and Links (31)Return to Index

  • The USGenWeb Project - Arkansas
  • The Original Arkansas Genealogy Project, Civil War
  • Pea Ridge - National Military Park (Pea Ridge, AR)

  • Battle of Pea Ridge - History

  • Prairie Grove - APCWS (Prairie Grove, AR)

  • Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park

  • Battle of Prairie Grove - History

  • The USGenWeb Project - Illinois
  • Illinois in the Civil War
  • Illinois State Archives (Search Database by Name and Link to Archives)
  • The Illinois Civil War Project (Includes Regimental Histories and Roster Searching by County or Regiment)
  • Lincoln Home - National Historic Site (Springfield,IL)

  • General John A. Logan Museum (Murphysboro, IL) (618)-684-3455

  • The USGenWeb Project - Iowa
  • The Iowa Civil War Site
  • The Iowa Civil War Heritage Foundation
  • The USGenWeb Project - Kansas
  • Kansas in the Civil War Index
  • Kansas CountyCam visits Wyandott Days, 1997
  • Fort Scott - National Historic Site (Fort Scott, KS)

  • Kansas State Historical Society, Military
  • Grinter House Museum (Kansas City, KS) (913)-299-0373

  • The USGenWeb Project - Kentucky
  • Kentucky in the Civil War
  • Civil War in SE Kentucky
  • The USGenWeb Project - Nebraska
  • The USGenWeb Project - Oklahoma
  • The USGenWeb Project - Tennessee
  • Fort Donelson - National Battlefield (Dover, TN)

  • Shiloh - National Military Park (Shiloh, TN)

  • Spring Hill - APCWS (Spring Hill, TN)

  • Selected National Civil War Resources and Links (19)Return to Index

  • United States Civil War Center
  • The Civil War Net

  • New GAR Homepage - Civil War Links
  • The Association for the Preservation of Civil War Sites (APCWS)
  • American Battlefield Protection Program - Civil War - National Parks Service
  • The Civil War Trust
  • Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System, National Parks Service
  • General Officers of the Civil War (Photos and History on)

  • General's Burial Listing - US Civil War Center
  • Genealogy and the American Civil War
  • The USGenWeb Project - National Homepage
  • Military Records for Genealogy
  • Military Records for Genealogy - The Civil War
  • Cyndi's List of Genealogical Sites on the Internet - Missouri
  • The American Civil War Homepage
  • Veteran and Military Civil War Database
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