Civil War Officers who were Original Members of the MO Commandery

The following is a complete listing of MO Commandery members from 1885 thru 1908 with some additional membership thru 1925. If you are related to anyone on this list or from another Civil War Union Officer we look forward to hearing from you at or write THE MISSOURI COMMANDERY OF MOLLUS, 302 W. Springfield Ave., Union, MO 63084. We hope this list will help educate others on the history and importance of Missouri in the Civil War.

The MO Commandery of MOLLUS is a non-profit S 501(c)(10) organization.

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Note: A Companion of the 3rd Class is considered as an Honorary Companion.

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ABADIE, Eugene Solignac, Hereditary Companion
ABERNATHY, Harry T., Hereditary Companion
ACKERMAN, Thomas F., Acting 1rst Assistant Engineer, USN
ADAMS, Robert, Jr., Captain and A.A.G., USV
AID, Francis,1rst Lieutenant, 1RST Mississippi Marine Reg.
AKERS, William J. G., Captain
ALBERS, Claus H., 1rst Lieutenant and R.Q.M., 1RST IA Cav.
ALBERS, Clifford H., Hereditary Companion
ALDRICH, Horace Leonard, Captain, 106TH NY Inf.
ALLEN, Charles J., Major, Engineer Corps, USA
ALLEN, Philip C., Hereditary Companion
ALLISON, James N., Lieutenant Colonel, Sub. Dept., USA
APPERSON, John B., Brevet Colonel, USV
ARMSTRONG, Luther, 1st Lieutenant, 33rd MO Infy
ASHCROFT, James E., Captain, Battery B 3RD NY Lt. Art. , Captain, 19TH NY Inf.
ASHCROFT, Theo. Van R., Hereditary Companion
ASKEW, Frank, Brevet Brigadier General, USV, Colonel, 15TH OH Inf.
ASKEW, Francis D., Hereditary Companion
ASKEW, Ralph K., Hereditary Companion
ASKIN, Robert M., Captain, 32ND MO Inf. USV

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BACKUS, Clarence Walworth, 1rst Lieutenant, 97TH NY Inf.
BAILEY, George W., 1rst Lieutenant, 6TH MO Inf.
BAILEY, William W., Surgeon, 1RST MO Cav.
BAILEY, William W., Jr., Hereditary Companion
BAIRD, Frank J., 2nd Lieutenant, 138TH IL Inf.
BAKER, Henry, Acting Master, USN
BAKER, John Pope, Lieutenant Colonel, USA
BAKER, Lincoln T., Companion
BARBER, Archie F., Companion
BARKER, David A., Hereditary Companion
BARSE, George Randolph, 1rst Lieutenant, 5TH MI Cav.
BARTLEMAN, Richard M., Hereditary Companion
BATES, John C., Lieutenant General, USA
BAUGHER, Eugene C., Major, 13TH MD Inf.
BEAHAM, Gordon T., Hereditary Companion
BEAHAM, Thomas Graham, Major, ADC, USV
BECKER, Otto, Lieutenant Colonel, USA retired
BEEBE, Frank A., Hereditary Companion
BEEBE, Hinkley Francis Major, 34TH IA Inf.
BENECKE, Louis, Captain, 49TH MO Inf.
BENECKE, Louis A., Hereditary Companion
BENECKE, Ruby W., Hereditary Companion
BENTLY, Wilber G., Lieutenant Colonel, 9TH NY Cav.
BERNARD, Reuben E., Brevet Brigadier General, Lieutenant Colonel, USA
BERNARD, Reuben F., Brevet Colonel, Major, 8TH Cav. USA
BIGALOW, Edmund D., 1rst Lieutenant, 40TH MA Inf.
BIGALOW, Edmund S., Hereditary Companion
BIRDSEYE, John Tifft, 1rst Lieutenant, 111TH OH Inf.
BLACK Joseph Franklin, Brevet Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, 111TH IL Inf.
BLAIR, Francis P., Hereditary Companion
BLAIR, James L., Hereditary Companion
BLAKE, Eugene H., Hereditary Companion
BLAKE, Frank, Hereditary Companion, Son of Capt. John T. Blake, 6TH KS Cav.
BLAKE, Maxwell, Hereditary Companion
BLAND, Charles C., Captain, 32ND MO Inf.
BLEDING, Henry W., Hereditary Companion, Son of 2nd Lt. Silas Wells Belding, Co.C 111TH NY Inf.
BLODGETT, Henry William, Hereditary Companion
BLODGETT, Wells Howard, Colonel, 48TH MO Inf.
BOOTES, Samuel B., Hereditary Companion, Captain, USA
BORCK, Edward, Asst. Surgeon, 10TH MD Inf. and 3RD MD Cav.
BOUTELL, Ira, Lieutenant Colonel, 6TH MO Inf.
BOYLE, John, Lieutenant Colonel, 9TH KY Cav.
BRANDT, John Baughman, Captain, 114TH OH Inf.
BREWSTER, Charles, Brevet Major, Captain and C.S., MI Cav.
BRIGGS, Charles E., Major Surgeon, 54TH MA Inf.
BRINGHURST, Robert P., Hereditary Companion
BROADHEAD. James Overton, Lieutenant Colonel, 3RD MO State Cav.
BROCK, Sidney Gorham, Captain, 67TH OH Inf.
BRONSON, Ira T., 1rst Lieutenant, 5TH NH Inf.
BROTHER, Ferdiand, Major, Surgeon, 8TH MO Cav. State Militia
BROWN, Richard Hardy, Lieutenant Colonel, 12TH MO Cav.
BRUSH, Charles E., Hereditary Companion
BRUSH, James C., Hereditary Companion
BUCHANAN, Robert, Lieutenant Colonel, 7TH MO Inf.
BUEL, James W., Captain, Asst. Surgeon, USA
BULLARD, Albert F., Captain, 38TH MA Inf.
BURBANK, Ralph L., Hereditary Companion
BURLINGAME, William Leander, 1rst Lieutenant, 2ND MI Cav.
BUSH, William D., 1st Lieutenant, 49th MO Infy
BUTLER, James G., Major, 3RD MI Cav.
BUTLER, John G., Major, USA
BUTLER, Lawrence P., Hereditary Companion, 1rst Lieutenant, USA
BUZARD, Benjamin F., Captain, 25TH MO Inf., Captain, 1RST Engineers, MO Vols.
BUZARD, Frank S., Hereditary Companion

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CAFFEE, Amos H., Major, Surgeon, 13TH KS Inf.
CALDWELL, Henry C., Colonel, 3RD IA Cav.
CALEF, John H., Colonel, USA
CANDEE, George W., Major and Paymaster, USA
CARKENER, George S., Hereditary Companion
CARKENER, Stuart, Captain, Co.G, 33RD MO Inf.
CARLE, Herbert E., Hereditary Companion, Son of Brev. Brig. Gen., Col. James Carle, 191RST PA Inf.
CARMODY, Patrick J., Captain, 15th USCT
CARNAHAN, Thomas Lee, Major and Add. Paymaster, USV
CARPENTER, James B., 1rst Lieutenant, Battery E, 1RST TN Lt. Art.
CARR, Eugene Asa, Brevet Major General, Brigadier General, USA
CASE, Johnston L., Hereditary Companion
CASE, Theodore Spencer, Colonel and A.Q.M., MO State Militia, USV
CHANDLER, France, Hereditary Companion
CHAPLIN, Winfield S., Hereditary Companion
CHARLOT, Chapman Salathiel, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel, USV, Major and A.A.G., USV
CHARLOT, Fred St. Clair, Hereditary Companion, Son of Brev. Lt. Col. Chapman S. Charlot
CHASSAING, Joseph H., Hereditary Companion
CHRISTENSEN, Charles, Brevet Major, Captain and Add. A.D.C., USV
CHURCHILL, Fred. A., Captain, Vol. Aide, Member at Large
CHURCHILL, James Oliver, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel, Captain and A.Q.M., USV
CLARK, Edward Jarvis, 1rst Lieutenant, Co.K 3RD MO U.S.R.C.
CLARKE, Charles W., 1rst Lieutenant, 23RD U.S.C.T.
CLAYTON, Powell, Brigadier General, USV
CLAYTON, Powell, Jr., Hereditary Companion, Captain, USA
CLAYTON, William H. H., 2nd Lieutenant, 124TH PA Inf.
CLEMENTS, Abner B., Hereditary Companion
CLEMENTS, John T., Brevet Major, Captain and C.S., USV
COLE, Frank Daniels, Hereditary Companion, Son of Brig. Gen. Nelson Cole
COLE, Nelson, Colonel, 2ND MO Art.
COLEMAN, David Crockett, Lieutenant Colonel, 8TH MO Inf.
COLLADAY, William R., Hereditary Companion
CONRAD, Julius T., Hereditary Companion, Captain, 3RD Cav., USA
CONOVER, John A., Hereditary Companion, Son of Lt. Col. Conover, 8TH KS Inf.
COOK, Isaac T., Companion
COOK, John Luther, 2nd Lieutenant, 6TH IA Inf.
COUDREY, Harry M., Hereditary Companion
COUDREY, John Nicholson, 1rst Lieutenant, 2ND MO Cav.
COY, Lucian W., 1rst Lieutenant, Eng. Reg. of MO
CRAIG, James, Brigadier General, USV
CRAIG, Louis Aleck, Hereditary Companion, 1rst Lieutenant, 6TH U.S. Cav., Major USA
CRAM, George Taylor, Captain, 1RST NH Cav.
CRAM, Frank B., Hereditary Companion
CRANDALL, John Ransom, Captain, 1RST Bat. Cav. Mississippi Marine Brigade
CRITTENDEN, Henry H., Hereditary Companion
CRITTENDEN, Thomas Theodore, Lieutenat Colonel, 7TH Cav., MSM
CROWE, Asa Breckenridge, Hereditary Companion, Son of Capt. John T. Crowe
CROWE, John Thomas, Captain, 26TH MO Inf.
CROWE, Samuel Howard, Hereditary Companion, Son of Capt. John T. Crowe
CURTISS, Amasa S., 1rst Lieutenant, 1rst Battery, IA Lt. Art.

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DARLINGTON, Evans R., Hereditary Companion
DARROW, Charles E., Hereditary Companion
DARROW, Edwin, 1rst Lieutenant, 39TH MO Inf.
DAVIS, Alex M. Hereditary Companion
DAVIS, Wirt, Brigadier General, USA
DEACON, Andrew G., 2nd Lieutenant, 6TH WI Inf., 2nd Lieutenant, 5TH U.S.V.R.C.
DEACON, Robert R., Companion
DEAN, Albert Flandreau, 2nd Lieutenant, 1SRT IA Cav.
DEAN, William Brewer (Sr.), 1rst Lieutenant, 127TH NY Inf.
DEAN, William B. (Jr.), Hereditary Companion
DEANE, Gardiner A. A., Lieutenant Colonel, 60TH U.S.C.T.
DEMUTH, Albert, Captain, 8TH MO Cav.
DENNISTON, Allan H., Hereditary Companion
DENTON, Ansel Basombe, Captain, 18TH U.S. Inf.
DEVOL, George H., Hereditary Companion
DEVOL, Hiram A. F., Brevet Brigadier General, Colonel, 36TH OH Inf.
DICKERSON, D'Estaing, Major, Surgeon, 1rst NY Cav., Major, Surgeon, 33RD NY Inf.
DICKINSON, Martin L. Henry, 1rst Lieutenant and R.Q.M., 1RST KS Inf.
DICKSON, Campbell, Captain, 9TH NY Cav.
DILLON, Daniel, Captain, 6TH U.S.C. Hvy. Art.
D'ISAY, Isaac, Captain, 27TH U.S. Inf. and USV
DOAN, Thomas C., Acting Ass. Paymaster, USN
DOBOZY, Peter P., Lieutenant Colonel, 4TH U.S.C. Hvy. Art.
DOUGHTY, Thomas, Acting Chief Engineer, USN
DOYLE, Michael Aloysious, 1rst Lieutenant, 7TH MO Inf.
DUER, Alexander, Acting Ensign, U.S. Vol. Navy
DUCKNER, Charles H., Hereditary Companion
DUNCKER, Henry, Captain, 2ND Mo Art.
DYER, David Patterson, Colonel, 49TH MO Inf.
DYER, Edwin C., Hereditary Companion
DYER, Ezra H., Hereditary Companion

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EAKIN, James R., Companion
ELLIS, Erwin, Captain, 8TH MI Cav.
ELLISON, David, Captain, 3RD Inf., USV
ELLISON, Garrett, Hereditary Companion
EMERSON, John W., Major, 17TH Mo Inf.
ERNST, Charles Frederick, Captain, 12TH MO Cav.
EVANS, Ellwood W., Captain, 8TH U.S. Cav.
EVANS, Walter, 1st Lieutenant, 25th KY Infy

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FARRAR, Bernard Gains, Brevet Brigadier General, USV, Colonel, 6TH U.S.C. Hvy. Art.
FASSETT, Charles W., Hereditary Companion
FERREE, Charles M., 1rst Lieutenant, 52ND IN Inf.
FERRELL/FERRILL, Thomas J., Chaplain, 16TH KS Inf.
FILLEY, Giles Filley, Companion fo the 3rd Class, Organizer of the "Free Soil" Party in MO.
FINK, Joseph H., Late Acting Ensign, USN
FISH, Laurens B., Captain, 3RD OH Cav.
FISHER, Edwin D., 2nd Lieutenant, 53RD U.S.C.T.
FISHER, Thomas M., 1rst Lieutenant, 190TH PA Inf.
FITCH, Calvin W., 2nd Lieutenant, 76th USCT
FITZPATRICK, George W., Captain, 5TH Cav. MO State Militia, USV
FLAD, Edward, Hereditary Companion
FLAD, Henry, Colonel, 3RD Engineering Reg. of MO
FLETCHER, Thomas Clement, Brevet Brigadier General, Colonel, 47TH MO Inf., Colonel, 31ST MO Inf.
FOLEY, James L., Major, 10TH KY Cav.
FOLTZ, Frederick S., Hereditary Companion, Hereditary Companion
FORDYCE, John R., Hereditary Companion
FORDYCE, Samuel W., Captain 1RST OH Cav.
FORSYTH, Lewis Cass., Major and Q.M., USA
FOSTER, Charles W., Brevet Colonel, Major and Q.M., USA
FOSTER, William D., Asst. Surgeon, 1RST MO Cav., Asst. Surgeon, 7TH MO Cav./Inf.
FRANKLIN, Edward Carroll, Major and Surgeon, 5TH MO Inf.,Major and Surgeon, USV
FRENCH, Simeon Webster, 1rst Lieutenant and R.C., 3RD PA Prov. Cav.
FREYER/FRYER, Blencowe Eardley, Major and Surgeon, Colonel, USA
FREYER/FRYER, William E., Hereditary Companion
FRITSCH, Carl/Charles Rudolph, 2nd Lieutenant, 3RD U.S.R.C.
FRY, Benjamin St. James, Chaplain, 63RD OH Inf.
FULLERTON, Joseph S., Brevet Brigadier General, Lieutenant Colonel and A.A.G., USV

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GALT, Smith Patterson, Captain, 122ND PA Inf.
GANDOLFO, John B., Lieutenant Colonel, 178TH NY Veteran Inf.
GARDINER, Curtiss Crane, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel, Major, 27TH NY Inf.
GARDINER, Curtis C., Jr., Hereditary Companion
GARLAND, William J., Captain, 28TH IL Inf.
GILLISS, James, Lieutenant Colonel, USA
GLEASON, Charles H., 1rst Lieutenant and Adjutant, 7TH IN Cav.
GOSS, Harry, Hereditary Companion
GOSS, Henry Dwight, Captain, 14TH NY Inf., 1rst Lieutenant, U.S.V.R.C.
GOTTSCHALK, Frederick, Captain, 1RST IA Inf.
GRAY, James R., 1rst Lieutenant, 7TH MO Cav.
GREELEY, Carlos Smith, Companion of the 3rd Class, Treasurer of the Western Sanitary Commission.
GREENE, Charles M., 1rst Lieutenant, 3RD AK Cav.
GREENE, Thomas S., Captain, 47TH U.S.C.T.
GRIER, David Perkins, Brevet Brigadier General, USV, Colonel, 77TH IL Inf., Captain, 8TH MO Inf.
GRIER, McKinney Smith, Hereditary Companion
GRIERSON, Benjamin Henry, Major General, USV
GRIERSON, Charles H., Captain, USA
GROVER, George S., Hereditary Companion
GUERNSEY, David W., Acting Asst. Paymaster, USN
GUFFIN, Ross, Captain, 52ND IN Inf.
GUNN, Otis Berthoude ,Major, 4TH KS Inf.
GUYER, Charles R., Companion

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HAIR, Richard M., 1rst Lieutenant, 78TH U.S.C.T.
HALSEY, Milton W., Captain, 18TH OH Inf.
HAMILTON, Elisha B., 1rst Lieutenant, 118TH IL Inf.
HAMILTON, Wiliam R., Hereditary Companion
HANSON, Joseph W., Captain
HARLOW, Austin N., Hereditary Companion
HARLOW, John Brayton, Brevet Captain and 1rst Lieutenant, 2nd Lieutenant, 47TH IL Inf.
HARMAN, Joseph L., 1st Lieutenant 175th OH Inf.
HARNEY, John M., Hereditary Companion
HARRIMAN, J. L. W., Hereditary Companion
HARRIS, Lloyd B., Hereditary Companion
HARRIS, Loyd Grayson, 2nd Lieutenant, U.S.M.C. 1rst Lieutenant, 6TH WI Inf.
HARRIS, Thomas Harvey, Lieutenant Colonel and A.A.G., USV
HARRISON, James B., Major, 12th KY Cav
HARRISON, Robert W., Captain, 116th IN Infy
HASIE, Montague Slyvester, Major, Bissells' Eng. Reg. of West
HATHAWAY, Forrest H., Brigadier General, USA
HAWLEY, Thomas S., Surgeon, 11TH MO Inf., Surgeon, 111TH IL Inf.
HAYS, James McFadden, Hereditary Companion, Son of Brev. Maj. Gen. Alexander Hays.
HAYWARD, John Kirkland, 1rst Lieutenant, 39TH MO Inf.
HAZARD, William P., 2nd Lieutenant, 97TH IL Inf.
HEDLEY, Fenwick Yellowley., Brevet Captain, 1rst Lieutenant and Adjutant, 32ND IL Inf.
HEMINGWAY, Alfred T., Hereditary Companion
HENDERSON, J. B., Companion of the 3rd Class
HENRY, Guy V., Brevet Brigadier General, USA, Lieutenant Colonel, 3RD Cav.
HENRY, Wilbur F., Captain, 118TH Inf.
HERBST, John Edward, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel, Major, Surgeon, USV
HERRIOTT, George F., Major, 10TH IN Cav.
HILL, Charles C., Hereditary Companion
HILL, Robert Jackson, Assistant Surgeon, 45TH OH Inf.
HILLS, Charles Spears, Brevet Colonel, 10TH KS Inf., Lieutenant Colonel, 10TH KS Inf.
HIMOE, Stephen E., Hereditary Companion
HIMOE, Stephen Oliver, Major, Surgeon, 15TH WI Inf.
HITCHCOCK, George C., Hereditary Companion
HITCHCOCK, Henry, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel, USV, Major and A.A.G., USV
HODGDON, Charles O., Acting Asst. Paymaster, USN
HODGEN, Harry, Hereditary Companion
HODGES, Abel B. W., Hereditary Companion
HODGES, William Romaine, Captain, 32ND WI Inf.
HOLMAN, Minard L., Hereditary Companion
HOLTON, Edward Kendrick, 1rst Lieutenant, 24th WI Inf.
HOPKINS, DeWitt C., Captain, 1RST AK Cav.
HOPKINS, Henry, Chaplain, 120TH N.Y. Inf.
HOW, James Flintham, Lieutenant Colonel, 27TH MO Inf.
HOWARD, Frederick, Hereditary Companion
HOWARD, Willard, Captain, 54th MA Infy
HOWE, John D., Hereditary Companion
HOWE, Wesley C., 1rst Lieutenant, 2nd MA Cav.
HOYT, George S., Major, 7TH WI Inf.
HOYT, James J., Brevet Lieutenant Colonel, Captain, 156TH NY Inf.
HOYT, John M., Captain, 7TH WI Inf.
HOYT, Raymond D., Hereditary Companion
HUBBELL, Silas Hart, Lieutenant & Adj. 107TH IL Inf.
HUDSON, Franklin, 2nd Lieutenant, 3RD USV
HUDSON, Franklin Jr., Hereditary Companion
HUGHES, Charles H., Surgeon, 1rst MO State Militia, USV
HULL, George C., Captain, 97TH OH Inf.
HUNTER, George K., Hereditary Companion
HURLBURT, Herbert W., 2nd Lieutenant, 2nd WI Infy
HURLBUT, James S., Acting Ensign, USN
HUTCHINSON, John Harmon, Major, Surgeon, 15TH MI Inf.
HYDE, John McE. , Brevet Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel and Q.M. Dept., Vols.

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INMAN, James, 2nd Lieutenant, 17TH MA Inf.
IRWIN, Lambdin Eskridge, 1rst Lieutenant, 2ND Cav. MSM, 1rst Lieutenant and Adjutant, 14TH MO Cav.

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JACKSON, John W., Major, Surgeon, 48TH MO Inf.
JACOBS, William H., Captain, 20TH OH Inf.
JOHNSON, John Burgess, Captain, 3RD U.S. Cav.
JOHNSON, John D., 1rst Lieutenant and R.Q.M., 38TH MO Inf.
JOHNSTON, James Vincent, Hereditary Companion
JOHNSTON, John V., Acting Vol. Lieutenant, USN
JONES, James C., Hereditary Companion
JONES, Thomas H. , 1rst Lieutenant, 50TH IN Inf.

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KAPPNER, Ignatz, Colonel, 3RD U.S.C.T.
KAUFFMAN/KAUFMAN, Albert B., Lieutenant Colonel, USA
KAUFFMAN, Andrew H. , Companion
KAUFFMAN, Richard King, Hereditary Companion
KELLEY, Henry/Hiram L., 1rst Lieutenant, 2ND MO Inf.
KENDALL, Joseph V., 1rst Lieutenant, 50TH PA Inf.
KERENS, Richard C., Companion of the 3rd Class, US Ambassador to Austria-Hungary.
KEYES, Alexander S. B., Lieutenant Colonel, USA
KIMBALL, Arthur C., Companion
KIMBALL, Thomas D., Captain, 51ST MA Inf., Captain, 2ND MA Hvy. Art.
KING, Henry, 1rst Lieutenant and R.Q.M., 50TH IL Inf.
KING, Robert B., 1rst Lieutenant, 2ND MA Hvy. Art.
KINGSBURY, Ezra W., Captain, 2ND CO Cav.
KIRWIN, John S., Lieutenant Colonel, 12TH TN Cav.
KNIFFEN, Leornard D., Companion
KNIFFIN, Sylvester Westerfield, 1rst Lieutenant and Adjutant, 44TH U.S.C.T.
KOHR, Frank Phillip, Hereditary Companion
KRAMER, Adam, Captain, 6TH Cav. USA, Captain, 15TH PA Cav. USV
KRESS, C. Cameron, Lt. Commander USN
KRESS, John A., Brigadier General, USA

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LAWDER, Rynd F. Edward, Major, 2ND OH Cav., 2nd Lieutenant 7TH Cav. U.S.
LEDLIE, Charles H. Hereditary Companion
LEE, David Bradley, Brevet Major, USV, Captain & C.S., 1rst Lieut. & R.Q., 2ND CT Hvy. Art. & 19TH CT Inf.
LEE, Edwin W., Hereditary Companion
LEIGHTON, George B., Hereditary Companion
LEIGHTON, George Eliot, Major, 5TH MSM, Colonel, 7TH EMM, USV, Major, 12TH Cav. MSM, 2nd Lieut. & R.Q., 3RD MO Inf. U.S.R.C.
LEWIS, Charles A., Hereditary Companion
LEWIS, Frederick William, Lieutenant Colonel, 1RST MO Cav., Lieutenant Colonel, 11TH MO Cav.
LEWIS, John Parsons, Captain, 5TH IA Cav.
LEWIS, William Henry, Hereditary Companion
LIPMAN, Lewis, 1rst Lieutenant, 8TH MO Inf.
LLOYD, James H., Captain, 15TH PA Cav.
LONG, Owen G., Hereditary Companion
LOVE, James Edwin, Captain, 8TH KS Inf.
LYON, Oliver T., 1rst Lieutenant, 2ND East Shore MD Inf.

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MACKLIND, Thomas Hanlon, Captain, 3RD Cav., MSM, USV
MACKLIND, William R., Hereditary Companion
MANSUR, Alvah, 1rst Lieutenant, 19TH IL Inf.
MARTIN, George W., 1rst Lieutenant, 25TH OH Inf.
MEDART, Philip, Captain, 3RD MO Inf.
MEIER, Edward D., 1rst Lieutenant, 1RST LA Cav.
MERRELL, Albert, 1rst Lieutenant, 1RST OH Lt. Art.
MERRITT, Wesley, Major General, USA
METCALFE, Lyne Shackelford, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel, Captain and A.Q.M., USV
METCALFE, Lyne Shackelford, Jr., Hereditary Companion
METHUNDY, Leopold, Captain, 3RD U.S.C. Hvy. Art.
MEYER, Orin B., Hereditary Companion, Captain, 14THCav. USA
MEYSENBURG, Theodore A., Lieutenant Colonel, Major, A.A.G., USV
MILLER, Archie, Hereditary Companion, 1rst Lieutenant, USA
MILLER, Madison, Brevet Brigadier General, Colonel, 18TH MO Inf.
MILLER, William Harrison, Captain, 35TH MO Inf.
MILLER, William H. H., Captain, 48TH IN Inf.
MITCHELL, Harrison, Captain, 14TH MO Cav.
MIZNER, John Kemp, Brevet Brigadier General, USA, Major, 4TH U.S. Cav.
MONTGOMERY, Robert H., Major, USA
MOORE, James/Joseph L., Brevet Major, Captain, C.S., USV
MOORE, John Wadsworth, Major, 27TH MA Inf.
MOORE, Ridson Marshall, Colonel, 117TH IL Inf.
MORE, Enoch Anson, Colonel, MSM, USV
MOREY, Arthur P., Brevet Major, USV, Captain, 22ND U.S.C.T.
MORGAN, Charles Henry, Captain, 21ST WI Inf.
MORGAN, George H., Heriditary, Major 9TH U.S. Cav.
MORGAN, James N., Lieutenant Colonel, 144TH IL Inf., USV
MORGAN, John T., Captain, 66TH OH Inf.
MORRILL, Charles H., Hereditary Companion
MORRILL, Henry Leighton, Brevet Major, USV, 1rst Lieutenant and Adjutant, 1RST IA Cav.
MORRISON, Joseph Barr, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel, Major, Surgeon, USV
MORSE, Charles Fessenden, Colonel, 2ND MA Inf.
MORSE, Lemuel, 1st Lieutenant, 129TH IL Infy
MORSE, William/Worcester H., 1rst Lieutenant, 22ND WI Inf.
MORTON, Charles E., Colonel, USA
MORTON, William A., Lieutenant & QM, 25TH MO Inf., Lieutenant, 1RST Eng. MO Vol.
MOSMAN, Chesley A., 1rst Lieutenant, 59TH IL Inf.
MOTT, John S., 1rst Lieutenant, 8TH TN Cav., 2nd Lieutenant, 180TH OH Inf.
MURDOCK, Henry C., 1rst Lieutenant, 35TH MO Inf.
MURPHY, Thomas M., Companion

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McCLINTOCK, Joel M., Captain
McCLURE, Charles, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel USV, Major, Paymaster, USA
McCLURE, John, Major, 57TH OH Inf.
McCOY, Andrew Jackson, Brevet Colonel, USV, Captain, C.S., USV.
McCOY, Lewis A., Hereditary Companion
McCRARY, George Washington, Companion of the 3rd Class, Secretary of War
McDOWELL, Robert Morris, Brevet Major, USV, Major, 141ST NY Inf.
McGINNESS, John Randolph, Brevet Major, Captain Ordinance
McKINNEY, Albert, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel, USV, Major, Paymaster, USV
McKINNIE, Carle T., Hereditary Companion
McLELLAN, Curwen B., Lieutenant Colonel, 1RST Cav., USA
McMILLIN, William A., 2nd Lieutenant, 140TH PA Inf.
McNARY, William P., 1rst Lieutenant, Adjutant, 123RD PA Inf.
McNEIL, John, Brevet Major General, Brigadier General USV
McPHERSON, John Edward, Hereditary Companion, Son of 1rst Lt. John McPherson, Co.A, 1RST WI Cav.
McVEAN, Donald Casius, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel, Captain, Vet. Res. Corps.
McVEAN, Frederick C., Hereditary Companion
McVEY, Archibald, Acting Assistant Paymaster, USN

N Return to Index
NEAL, George A., Hereditary Companion
NEFF, Ward A., Hereditary Companion
NEFF, J. Holcomb, Hereditary Companion
NEWCOMB, Carman Adams, Captain, 3RD IA Inf.
NEWCOMB, Clarence F., Hereditary Companion, Hereditary Companion
NEWSHAM, Thomas Joseph, Major, 117TH IL Inf.
NICCOLLS, Samuel J., Chaplain, 126TH PA Inf.
NICHOLSON, William A., 1rst Lieutenant, 13TH NJ Inf.
NICHOLSON, William A. Jr., Companion
NOBLE, John Willock, Brevet Brigadier General, Colonel, 3RD IA Cav.

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O'BREIN, Henry Daniels, Captain, 1rst MN Vet. Inf. Vols.
ODELL, Francis B., Hereditary Companion
OSTERHAUS, Ludwig Richard, Hereditary Companion
OSTERHAUS, Peter J., Brigadier General, USA
OWEN, Manley Preston, Captain, 18TH U.S.C. Inf., USV, 2nd Lt., Co.A, 24TH MO Inf.
OWEN, Oscar D., Acting Ensign, USN

P Return to Index
PARAMORE, Fred W., Hereditary Companion
PARAMORE, James Wallace, Colonel, 3RD OH Cav.
PARKELL, Alonzo Burrett, Major, 4TH IA Cav.
PARKELL, Julius B., Hereditary Companion
PARKER, John Carr, Acting Vol. Lieutenant, USN
PARMELEE, Benjamin F., 1rst Lieutenant, 108TH OH Inf.
PARSONS, Charles, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel, Captain and A.Q.M., USV
PARSONS, Charles Bunyan, Captain, 4TH MI Inf.
PARSONS, Gerald S., Hereditary Companion
PARSONS, Henry R., Brevet Major, Captain, 62ND U.S.C.T.
PARSONS, Roscoe R. S., Hereditary Companion
PATIER, Charles O., Captain, 6TH MO Inf.
PATTISON, Everett Wilson, Captain, 2ND MA Inf.
PEARCE, William N., Hereditary Companion
PEARCE/PEARSE, Charles Edward, Major, 16TH NY Hvy Art. -> Inf.
PEUGNET, Ernest H., Captain and A.Q.M., USV
PHELAN, Richard Aloysius, Lieutenant Colonel and A.A.G., USV
PHELPS, John E., Brevet Brigadier General, Colonel, 2ND AK Cav.
PHILLIPS, John F., Colonel, 7TH Cav., MSM, USV
PHILLIPS, John Wilson, Lieutenant Colonel, 18TH PA Cav.
PIERONNET, Charles A., Captain, Co.E 11TH IL Inf.
PITZMAN, Julius, Captain and Temporary Major, 6TH MO Inf.
PLOWMAN, George H., Captain, 3RD MD Inf.
POGUE, Joseph, Surgeon, 66TH IL Inf.
POLLARD, Henry Moses, Major, 8TH VT Inf.
POPE, Henry Orson, Captain, 8TH NY Cav.
POPE, Horton, Hereditary Companion
POPE, John, Major General
POPE, William S., Brevet Lieutenant Colonel, Major and Paymaster, USV
PORTER, David R., Asst. Surgeon, 5TH KS Cav.
PORTER, Pierre R., Hereditary Companion.
POST, Truman August, 1rst Lieutenant and Adjutant, 40TH MO Inf.
POWELL, Charles F., Lieutenant Colonel, Engineers, USA
POWELL, Elias, Captain, 7TH WV Cav.
POWELL, William Henry, Brevet Major General, Brigadier General, Medal of Honor
PRATT, Franklin Amos, Captain, 1RST CT Hvy. Art.
PRATT, John Boyland, Acting Ensign, USN
PRETISS, Edgar W., Hereditary Companion
PRICE, Samuel W., Brevet Brigadier General, USV
PRICKETT, Edward I., Hereditary Companion
PRICKETT, William R., Major, 150TH IL Inf.
PRIME, Carlton T., Hereditary Companion
PURINGTON, George Augustus, Lieutenant Colonel, 2ND OH Cav., USA
PURINGTON, George A., Hereditary Companion, 1rst Lieutenant, USA
PUTERBAUGH, George, Captain, 47TH IL Inf.

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RANDALL, John Frederick, 2nd Lieutenant, 2ND CT Inf.
RASSIEUR, Leo, Captain, 30TH MO Inf.
RAYMOND, Francis, Jr., Captain, 1RST MI Inf.
RAYMOND, Francis III, Hereditary Companion
RECTOR, John F., 2nd Lieutenant, 29TH IL Inf.
REYNOLDS, George D., Lieutenant Colonel, 6TH U.S.C. Hvy. Art.
REYNOLDS, George V., Hereditary Companion
REYNOLDS, Samuel W., Brevet Captain, 1rst Lieutenant, 4TH U.S.C.T.
RICE, Frank R., Brevet Captain, 1rst Lieutenant, 44TH USV, Captain, USA
RIDGELY, Frank E., Hereditary Companion, Ensign, USN
RIDGELY, Franklin L., 2nd Lieutenant, 6TH U.S. Inf., USV
RIPLEY, Lyman B., 1rst Lieutenant and R.Q.M., 33RD MO Inf.
ROACH, George Henderson, Colonel, USA
ROBINSON, George, Brevet Captain, 1rst Lieutenant, 123RD NY Inf.
RODGERS/ROGERS, Elisha F., 1rst Lieutenant, Cass Co. Home Guard, MSM, USV
RODGERS, Thomas B., Lieutenant Colonel, 140TH PA Inf.
ROOTS, Logan H. (Sr.), Brevet Lieutenant Colonel, Captain and Com. Sub., USV
ROOTS, Logan H. (Jr.), Hereditary Companion
RORICK, Dave, 1rst Lieutenant, 31ST IA Inf.
ROSSITER, Lemuel, Captain, 6TH U.S. Vet.Vol. Inf.
ROWLEY, George Augustus, Brevet Captain, USA, Captain, 3RD U.S.R.C.
RUBEY, Charles W., Captain, 16TH MO Cav.
RUBEY, Thomas L., Hereditary Companion
RUCKER, Louis Henry, Brigadier General, USA
RUCKER, William Alexander, Lieutenant Colonel, Dept. P.M. Gen., USA
RUGG, DeWitt C., Lieutenant Colonel, 48TH IN Inf.
RUSSELL, Charles P., Hereditary Companion
RUSSELL, Francis W., Hereditary Companion

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SAWTELLE, Charles G. Jr., Captain, 8TH U.S. Cav.
SCHAUFFLER, Alfred T., Heeditary Companion
SCHAUFFLER, Edward R., Companion
SCHAUFFLER, Edw. W., Captain, 127TH NY Inf.
SCHAURTE/SCHUARTE, Frederick William, Brev. Lt. Col., USA, Lt. Col., 2ND Indian Brigade, Captain, 2ND U.S. Cav.
SCHENK, John, Captain and A.Q.M., USV
SCHENK, John, Jr., Hereditary Companion
SCHUSTER, George, Colonel, A.D.C., MSM, U.S. Vols.
SEAMAN, Marinus W., Major, Surgeon, 122ND IL Inf.
SEAY, Abraham J., Lieutenant Colonel, 32ND MO Inf.
SEIBERT, Charles, 2nd Lieutenant, 62ND PA Inf.
SHARMAN, Charles H., 1rst Lieutenant and Adjuntant, 33RD IA Vol. Inf.
SHAUM, Benjamin F., Brevet Captain, USV
SHELLENBERGER, John K., Captain, 64TH OH Inf.
SIMMONS, Samuel, Lieutenant Colonel and C.S., USV
SIMPSON, Samuel Parsons, Brevet Brigadier General, Lieutenant Colonel, 31ST MO Inf.
SINCLAIR, Edward W., 2nd Lieutenant, 18TH MI Inf.
SINCLAIR, Harry B., Hereditary Companion
SINCLAIR, William Henry, Brevet Colonel, Major and A.A.G., USV
SMITH, Abiel L., Hereditary Companion
SMITH, Andrew Jackson, Major General, USV
SMITH, Beaumont, Hereditary Companion, Captain, 123RD OH Inf.
SMITH, Gilbert Cole, Lieutenant Colonel, Dept. Q.M. Gen., USA
SMITH, Luther E., Hereditary Companion
SMITH, Martin H., Captain, 123RD OH Inf.
SMITH, Thomas B., 1rst Lieutenant and Adjutant, 13TH NJ Inf.
SMITH, Zemro A., Brevet Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, 1RST ME Hvy. Art.
SOEST, Ernest F. C., Hereditary Companion
SOEST, Konrad E. C. F., 1rst Lieutenant, 82ND U.S.C.T.
SPELLMAN, Oscar Martin, 1rst Lieutenant, 1RST Mo Cav.
SPIEGELHALTER, Joseph, Major, Surgeon, 12TH MO Inf.
STARKLOFF, Hugo M., Major, Surgeon, 40TH IL Inf., USV
STANLEY, David S., Major, USA
STANTON, Cornelius A., Major, 3RD IA Cav.
STAWITZ, Christian, 1rst Lieutenant and Adjutant, 32ND IN Inf.
STEDMAN, William A., 1rst Lieutenant, 1RST RI Det. Mil., USV
STEELE, Aaron J., Major, Surgeon, 38TH NY Inf. and 13TH NY Hvy Art.
STEGER, James H., Major and A.A.G., MSM, USV
STEVENS, Charles N., 1rst Lieutenant, 128TH OH Inf.
STEVENSON, John Dunlap, Brevet Major General, Brigadier General, USV, Colonel 30TH U.S. Inf.
STEVENSON, William L., Hereditary Companion
STEWART, Charles, Brevet Major, Captain and C.S., USV
STICKNEY, Amos, Brigadier General, USA
STIFEL, Charles Gottfried, Colonel, 5TH U.S.R.C., U.S.V
STIFEL, Otto Frederick, Hereditary Companion, Son of Col. Charles G. Stifel, 5TH U.S.R.C., USV
STITZER, Francis A., Brevet Major, Captain, 48TH PA Inf.
STOKELY, Samuel B., 1rst Lieutenant and Adjutant, 40TH IL Inf.
STONE, Thomas Jefferson, 2nd Lieutenant, 12TH V.R.C., 1rst Lieutenant, 13TH OH Inf.
STUART, Charles B. , Companion
STUART, Charles B/F., Hereditary Companion
STUYVESANT, Moses Sherwood, Lieutenant Commander, USN
STUYVESANT, William C., Hereditary Companion
SUDBOROUGH, Charles B., Hereditary Companion
SUDBOROUGH, Joseph Albert, Captain, 17TH MI Inf.
SULIVAN, John Samuel, Lt., 14TH IN Inf.
SULLIVAN, Alex H., Hereditary Companion
SUMMERHAYES, John W., Lieutenant Colonel, USA
SUMNER, Edwin Y., Brigadier General, USA
SUTERMEISTER, Arnold, Captain, 11TH Battery, IN Lt. Art.
SUTTER, John A., Hereditary Companion
SUTTER, John Jacob, Captain, 2ND MO Art.

T Return to Index
TAYLOR, Alfred K., Captain, 3RD OH Inf.
TEMPLE, David J., Captain, 52ND IN Inf.
TERRY, Albert T., Hereditary Companion
TERRY, Ira C., Bvt Lieutenant Colonel, USV
TERRY, John H., Captain, 137TH NY Inf.
THATCHER, John H., Hereditary Companion
THACHER, Luin Kennedy, Major, 9TH KS Cav.
THAYER, Amos Madden, Brevet Major & Capt., USV, 1rst Lieut., U.S. Signal Corps, 2nd Lieut., 112TH NY Inf.
THOMAS, Abner Duell, Surgeon, 3RD AK Cav.
THOMAS, C.E.L., Hereditary Companion
THOMAS, Charles Warren, 2nd Lieutenant, 2ND MA Inf.
THOMAS, Charles Wait, 1rst Lieutenant, 3RD IL Lgt, Art.
THOMAS, Rhys. Meredith, Lieutenant Colonel, 14TH KY Inf.
THOMPSON, Seymour Dwight, Captain, 3RD U.S.C. Hvy. Art.
TODD, Simeon S., Major, Surgeon, 4TH CA Inf.
TORREY, Dolphus, Captain, 20TH IA Inf.
TRACY, John P., 1rst Lieutenant, 8TH MO Cav., MSM, USV
TREADWAY, Carlos Greeley, Hereditary Companion
TREADWAY, Dwight, Brev. Major, USV, Captain and A.Q., USV, 1rst Lieut. & R.Q., 23RD WI Inf.
TUERK, Herman, 2nd Lieutenant, 12TH MO Inf.
TUFTS, William F., 2nd Lieutenant, 32nd MA Infy
TURNER, John Wesley, Brevet Major General, USV, Brigadier General, USV
TURNER, Volney/Voluntine C., Hereditary Companion
TUTTLE, Thomas Benton, Captain, Co.E, 108TH U.S.C.T.

V Return to Index
VALIER, Charles, 2nd Lieutenant, 7TH IL Cav.
VALIER, Charles E., Hereditary Companion
VALIER, Louis A., Hereditary Companion
VAN BRUNT, Henry, Rear Admiral's Sec., USN
VAN HORN, Henry K., Hereditary Companion
VAN HORN, Robert T., Lieutenant Colonel, 25TH MO Inf.
VAN STEENBURG, Linas, Captain, 57TH IL Inf.
VOLKMAR, William J., Major, A.A.G., USA

W Return to Index
WADE, William H., Lieutenant Colonel, 40TH U.S.C. Inf.
WAGNER, Herbert A., Hereditary Companion
WAITE, Jasper H., Captain, 17TH IL Cav.
WALKER, George S., Major, Surgeon, 6TH MO Inf.
WALKER, Gilbert S., Hereditary Companion
WALLACE, Charles P., Hereditary Companion
WALLACE, Jonathan Child, Captain, 12TH OH Inf.
WARE, Edward Young, Hereditary Companion
WARE, William Eliot, Captain, Co.C, 27TH MO Inf.
WARFIELD, Lemuel Allen, Companion
WARNER, Charles Guille, Captain, 32ND MO Inf.
WARNER, William, Major, 44TH WI Inf.
WARREN, Henry E. , Captain, 9TH TN Cav.
WARSON, Martin L., 1rst Lieutenant, 43RD U.S.C.T.
WATERS, Charles C., Captain, 56TH U.S.C.T.
WATSON, E. H. , Hereditary Companion, Captain, USN
WEAKLEY, Raymond De Camp, Hereditary Companion
WEBSTER, Thomas M., Hereditary Companion
WEIGEL, Eugene Frederick, Brevet Major, USV, Captain, 82ND IL Inf.
WELLMAN, David Willard, Captain, 9TH MN Inf.
WELTON, Arthur D., Hereditary Companion
WERTH, Duncan S., Hereditary Companion
WERTH, Gotthold L., Captain, Bissell's Eng. Reg. of MO
WERTH, John Edarduel, Chaplain, 13TH MO Cav., Chaplain, 75TH NY Inf.
WESSELLS, Henry W., Lieutenant Colonel, USA
WETMORE, Moses C., Hereditary Companion
WHEELER, Daniel D., Brigadier General, USA
WHEELER, Stephen, Captain, 113TH U.S.C.T.
WHISSON, Amos A., Major, 182nd OH Infy
WIDDICOMBE, Albert C., Captain, 16TH VA Inf.
WILCOX, Aaron M., Brevet Major, Captain and C.S., USV
WILDE, James B., 2nd Lieutenant, 61ST NY Inf.
WILLIAMS, George H., Companion
WILLIAMS, John A., Captain, 28TH WI Inf.
WILLIAMS, John M., Captain, 122ND OH Inf.
WILLIAMSON, John Elliot, Captain, 12TH KY Cav.
WILSON, Charles I., Brigadier General, USA
WILSON, Oliver M., Captain, 54TH IN Inf.
WILSON, Samuel, Major, 10TH IL Inf.
WINT, Theodore Jonathan, Brigadier General, USA
WITT, Thomas D., 1rst Lieutenant, Battery K, 1RST MO Lgt. Art.
WOOD, Horatio Dan, Brevet Major, Captain and C.S., USV
WOOD, Robert E., Hereditary Companion, 1rst Lieutenant, USA
WOOD, Robert Whitney, Captain, 10TH KS Inf.
WOODS, Arthur T., Hereditary Companion
WOODSON, Albert Emmett, Brigadier General, USA
WOODWARD, Knight, Hereditary Companion
WOODWARD, Samuel Lippicott, Brigadier General, USA
WORKIZER, Charles J. G., 2nd Lieutenant, 8TH IN Cav.
WORTHINGTON, John I., Hereditary Companion
WRIGHT, Guy H., Hereditary Companion
WRIGHT, John Gibson, Brevet Brigadier General, USV, Colonel, 51ST NY Inf.
WRIGHT, Marshall B., Captain, 46TH OH Inf.
WRIGHT, Ralph G., Hereditary Companion
WRIGHT, Thomas, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel, Major, 31ST U.S.C.T.
WRIGHT, Wallie R., Hereditary Companion
WRIGHT-CLARK, John J., Hereditary Companion

Y Return to Index
YEATMAN, James E., Companion of the 3rd Class, President of the Western Sanitary Commission.
YOUNG, James, Chaplain, 81RST OH Inf.
YOUNG, Samuel B. M., Lieutenant General, USA
YOUNG, Thomas C.. Hereditary Companion

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ZICK, Bernard, 1rst Lieutenant, 8TH IL Inf.

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