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This website is an attempt to help make the public aware of Revolutionary soldiers who lived in MO, help locate additional information on these and other soldiers, and give the public a way to communicate with local military hereditary organizations such as the SAR, DAR, and CAR. This website is an extension to the Index to the Civil War in Missouri Links and Resources-(MOLLUS) and is currently hosted by the The MO Commandery of MOLLUS (Descendants of Federal Officers from the Civil War). For feedback or if you have material you would like to have added to this website, please contact or write THE MISSOURI COMMANDERY OF MOLLUS, 302 W. Springfield Ave., Union, MO 63084. Contributions from groups and individuals will be so noted and a link to a homepage, email, or US mail address for that individual or group will be added to the site as well. The MO Commandery of MOLLUS is a non-profit S 501(c)(10) organization.

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Master Soldier Index (201 so far)

    ALLEN, David (VA Mil) Cooper Co.
    APPERSON, John (VA Line & Mil) Franklin Co.-(MOLLUS)
    APPLEGATE, Daniel (NC Cont) St. Louis Co.
    ARMAN, Thomas (VA Cont) St. Francois Co.
    ARMSTRONG, William (PA Mil) Calloway Co.
    ASHCRAFT, Amos (VA Mil) Howard Co.
    BAKER, Sylvester, Jr. (NC Mil) Calloway Co.
    BARTLETT, Edmund (VA Mil) Randolph Co.
    BASCO, John (NC Cont) Lincoln Co.
    BERRY, William (VA Cont) St. Louis Co.
    BLACKWELL, Robert (VA Cont) St. Louis Co.
    BOREN, William (SC Mil) Madison Co.
    BOYD, John (Capt May's Co, in 1778 in Capt Bowman's Regt) Cape Girardeau Co.
    BOYD, Thomas (NC Mil) Calloway Co.
    BRADLEY, Leonard (Lt VA St Troops) Randolph Co.
    BROCK, Uriah (VA Cont Line) Cape Girardeau Co.
    BROWN, Isham (VA Cont) Saline Co.
    BROWN, Joseph (VA Cont) Lincoln Co.
    BRYANDT, William (NC Cont) Boone Co.
    BULL, Thomas (VA Cont) Cape Girardeau Co.
    BURCH, Zachariah (MD Cont) Pike Co.
    BURCHFIELD, Michael (NC Mil) Marion Co.
    BURKS, Isham (VA Cont) Boone Co.
    BURTON, William (VA St Troops) Chariton Co.
    BUTLER, William (VA St Troops) Lincoln Co.
    BYBEE, Neilly (VA Cont) Monroe Co.
    CALDWELL, James (VA Mil) St. Francois Co.
    CALLOWAY, James (VA Cont) Howard Co.
    CAMPBELL, William (VA Cont) Cooper Co.
    CANNON, James (SC Mil) Lincoln Co.
    CARPENTER, Conrad (Capt of Richard May's Co under command of Col John Bowman) New Madrid Co.
    CARR, George (VA Mil) Cooper Co.
    CATHEY, George (NC Mil) Cooper Co.
    CHAMBERS, Benjamin (VA Cont) Saline Co.
    CHAMBERS, John (VA Cont) Lincoln Co.
    CHAPMAN, Edmund (VA Mil) Randolph Co.
    CHAPPELL, Abner (VA Mil) Howard Co.
    CHARLEVILLE, Francois (commanded the French Company organized at Kasaskia) St. Genevieve Co.
    CHASE, Robert (NC Cont) Cape Girardeau Co.
    CHILWAT, John (PA Mil) Cooper Co.
    COBB, Samuel (VA Mil) Monroe Co.
    COCKRAN, John (NC Mil) Cape Girardeau Co.
    COLVIN, Benjamin (VA Mil) Boone Co.
    CONNELLY, John (MD Cont) Boone Co.
    CONWAY, Joseph (served in the Indian wars during the Rev. War) St. Louis Co.
    COOLEY, Charles (VA Cont) Calloway Co.
    COOPER, Benjamin (Lt VA-IL Regt) Howard Co.
    COOPER, Benjamin A. (NY St Troops) Saline Co.
    CRAIG, William (VA Mil) Pike Co.
    CROSS, Zacharia (NC Mil) St. Louis Co.
    CROUSTER or MCCRONISTER, James (NC Cont)Cape Girardeau Co.
    CUNINGHAM, James (VA Mil) St. Francois Co.
    CUNINGHAM, John (PA Cont, lived near Joseph Conway) St. Louis Co.
    DAVIS, James (Sgt VA St Troops) Randolph Co.
    DAVIS, Sacket (?) Franklin Co.-(MOLLUS)
    DE MASTER, James (VA Cont) Lafayette Co.
    DICKSON, Joseph (VA Cont) Cooper Co.
    DODGE, John (Maj VA-IL Regt, moved to New Bourbon shortly after the war and died there) St. Genevieve Co.
    DUFORE, ? (piloted Gen. George Rogers Clark from the Ohio river to Kaskaskia, died 1835 in St. Genevieve) St. Genevieve Co.
    ELGIN, Samuel (MD Mil) Boone Co.
    ELSTON, Jonathan (NJ Mil) Chariton Co.
    (E/A)THELL, Benjamin (Cpl VA Cont) Boone Co.
    EVANS, Jesse (Capt VA & VA-IL Regt) Calloway, Gasconade, Cole, Osage Cos.-(MOLLUS)
    FARMER, Matthew (VA Mil) St. Charles Co.
    FARRAR, Leonard (VA Mil & NC Mil) Franklin Co.-(MOLLUS)
    FELTER, Robert R. (Washington Life Guards) Montgomery Co.
    FERGUSON, Joshua (NC St Troops Lafayette Co.
    FERGUSON, Moses (VA Mil) Calloway Co.
    FINNELL, Charles (VA Mil) Randolph Co.
    FLETCHER, James (VA St Troops) Randolph Co.
    FLEMING, Mitchell (NC Mil) Cape Girardeau Co.
    GILL, Moses (MD St Troops) Marion Co.
    GOUGH, John B. (MD Mil) Perry Co.
    GRAVES, Thomas (VA Mil) Lincoln Co.
    GREENE, Robert (Sgt MD Cont) Cape Girardeau Co.
    GREENWELL, Ignatius (MD Mil) Ralls Co.
    HAGER, Joseph (PA Mil) Howard Co.
    HAMPTON, Thomas (MD Mil) Lincoln Co.
    HANCOCK, Stephen (Capt John Holder's Co. in 1799) Montgomery Co.
    HARBISON, John (Capt. John Holders's Co)Cape Girardeau Co.
    HARRIS, Isham (VA Mil) Madison Co.
    HARRISON, Benjamin (Gen VA) New Mardrid, Ste. Genevieve Cos.
    HARRISON, John (Col VA) New Mardrid, Ste. Genevieve Cos.
    HATTON, Reuben (VA Mil) Boone Co.
    HAYS, Christopher (Col ?) Cape Girardeau Co.
    HEMPSTEAD, Stephen (CT Cont) St. Louis Co.-(MOLLUS)
    HENDERSON, David (VA Mil) Calloway Co.
    HENDRICK, Elijah (VA Cont, b.1757, served under Washington in New Jersey, under Gen. Sullivan, and taken prisioner in NC in 1781) Pike Co.
    HERRINGTON, Joseph Bartholomew (PA Line)Jefferson Co.
    HICKMAN, Francis (PA Cont) St. Louis Co.
    HILDEBRANT, Peter (VA-IL Regt., of PA, came from Monongahela to the Falls of the Ohio in 1776, then to Fort Jefferson, was killed by Osages, John a brother) St. Genevieve Co.
    HILL, Thomas (NC Mil) Cape Girardeau Co.
    HINKLE, Casper (NC Mil) Perry Co.
    HINKLE, Isaac (Capt VA Cont) Franklin Co.-(MOLLUS)
    HOLLONED, Thomas (VA St Troops) Chariton Co.
    HUBBLE, Ithamar (NY St Troops) Cape Girardeau Co.
    HULL, William (NC Mil) Monroe Co.
    HUNT, Little Berry (VA Mil) Franklin Co.-(MOLLUS)
    JAMISON, Robert (VA Mil) Ralls Co.
    JANICE, Jean B. (Ensign of the French Company, died 1802 on his way to New Orleans) St. Genevieve Co.
    JEWELL, James (VA Mil) Clay Co.
    JOB, Enoch (VA Cont) Cole Co.
    JOHNSON, Claiborne (VA St Troops) Howard Co.
    JOHNSON, William, Sr. (VA Mil) Marion Co.
    JONES, David (VA Mil) Cooper Co.
    JONES, William (VA St Troops) Boone Co.
    KELLY, James (VA St Troops) Cooper Co.
    KEY, George (VA Mil) Calloway Co.
    KINCAID, James (VA Mil) Lafayette Co.
    KNOX, George (VA Cont) Howard Co., died 1833.
    LAPLANTE, ? (piloted Gen. George Rogers Clark from the Ohio river to Kaskaskia, died 1812 in St. Genevieve) St. Genevieve Co.
    LEMON, Robert (PA Mil) Boone Co.
    LETCHWORTH, Benjamin (VA Cont) Morgan Co.
    LITTLE, James (PA Cont) St. Louis and Wayne Cos.
    LONG, Anderson (VA Mil) Marion Co.
    LONG, William (VA St Troops) Howard Co.
    LYNCH, Henry (VA Cont) Howard Co.
    MCELWEE, James (SC Mil) Pike Co.
    MCGIRK, Andrew (VA Cont) Lafayette Co.
    MCLANE, Alexander (NC St Troops) Cape Girardeau Co.
    MCLAUGHLIN, John (VA Cont) Lafayette Co.
    MCMAHON, Patrick (?) Franklin Co.-(MOLLUS)
    MCNAIR, Robert (PA Mil) Lincoln Co.
    MACKEY, James (NC Cont) Pike Co.
    MAUPIN, Mosias (?) Franklin Co.-(MOLLUS)
    MILLER, George (MD Cont & PA Cont) Franklin Co.-(MOLLUS)
    MITCHELL, William (VA Mil) Franklin Co.-(MOLLUS)
    MONTGOMERY, William (VA Cont) Marion Co.
    MOORE, James (VA Mil) Cole Co.
    MOORE, William (VA Cont) Jackson Co.
    MORGAN, George (Col PA) ? Co.
    MULHEREN, John (SC Mil) Pike Co.
    MURPHY, Hezekiah (MD Mil) Lincoln Co.
    MURPHY, Joseph, Jr. (VA Mil) St. Francois Co.
    MURPHY, William (VA Mil) St. Francois Co.
    MUSICK, Abram (of Albemarle Co., VA, a spy in the Rev. War on the frointiers of NC, father of David Musick) St. Louis Co.
    MUSICK, David (NC Mil) St. Louis Co.
    MUSICK, Thomas R. (NC Troops) St. Louis Co.
    NELSON, Thomas (VA St Troops) Crawford Co.
    NICHOLSON, William (PA Cont) St. Francois Co.
    NOBLE, John (VA Cont) Howard Co.
    NOLAND, Ledston (NC Mil) Jackson Co.
    O'FALLON, James Dr. (Surg ? Cont) St. Louis Co.-(MOLLUS)
    PARKE, Joseph (NC St Troops) Chariton Co.
    PATTON, Jacob (SC Mil) Monroe Co.
    POWELL, William (NC Mil) Cole Co.
    QUIRE, William M. (VA Mil) Pike Co.
    RAMSAY, John (?) Calloway Co.
    RAMSAY, Josiah (VA St Troops) Calloway Co.
    RANNEY, Stephen (CT Troops) Cape Girardeau Co.
    READING, George (PA Mil) Pike Co.
    REEVES, John (NC Mil) Madison Co.
    RHODES, Samuel (VA Cont) Calloway Co.
    RICE, William B. (VA Cont) Montgomery Co.
    ROBERTS, John (VA Mil) Cole Co.
    ROBINSON, Edward (Housegger's German Regt) Cooper Co.
    ROBINSON, Jeremiah (VA Mil) Madison Co.
    ROSE, Thomas Mathias (VA St Troops) St. Louis Co.
    ROSS, William (VA Cont) Clay Co.
    SALISBURY, Andrew (NC St Troops) Cole Co.
    SAPPINGTON, Hartley (VA Mil & PA Mil) Franklin Co.-(MOLLUS)
    SHARP, Benjamin (VA Mil) Warren Co.
    SHELBY, Moses New Madrid Co.
    SIMMINS, Richard (VA Cont) Clay Co.
    SIMS, R. R. (VA Mil) Ralls Co.
    SINCLAIR, Robert (VA Mil) Madison Co.
    SOLLERS, Safert (VA St Troops) Clay Co.
    SPENCER, John (?) Franklin Co.-(MOLLUS)
    ST GEM, Jean Beauvais (French Company, enlisted after conquest of Kaskaskia by Gen. Clark) St. Genevieve Co.
    STEPHENS, Jacob (VA Mil) Madison Co.
    STRICKLAND, David (Sgt VA Cont) Wayne Co.
    STURGIS, James (VA-IL Regt) Jefferson Co.
    TAYLOR, Daniel (VA St Troops) Monroe Co.
    THOMPSON, William (VA Mil) Boone Co.
    THOMAS, Mark (Capt VA-IL Regt) Jefferson Co.-(MOLLUS)
    TILLEY, Bernard (NC Mil) Randolph Co.
    TOMB, David (SC Mil) Pike Co.
    TURNER, Samuel (VA Mil) Ralls Co.
    TUTTLE, Nicholas (VA Cont) Randolph Co.
    TWITTY, Russell (PA Mil) Franklin Co.-(MOLLUS)
    VERDEN, James (SC Cont) Cape Girardeau Co.
    VEST, John (VA Mil) Pulaski Co.
    WALKER, Jesse (NC Mil) Howard Co.
    WALSH, John, Sr. (GA Mil) Marion Co.
    WARD, William (PA St Troops) Warren Co.
    WATERS, T. W. (Maj SC Troops) Cape Girardeau Co.
    WATSON, Samuel (SC Mil) Pike Co.
    WATSON, Thomas (VA St Troops) Chariton Co.
    WHITTLESEY, Charles (CT St Troops) Franklin Co.-(MOLLUS)
    WILLIAMS, Edward (NC Mil) ? Co.
    WILLS, Joseph (VA St Troops) Clay Co.
    WRIGHT, William (VA St Troops) Crawford Co.
    WRIGHTINGTON, Thomas (MD Cont) Cape Girardeau Co.
    WYATT, John (NC St Troops) Warren Co.
    WYATT, Thomas (PA Cont) St. Louis and Wayne Cos.
    ZUMWALT, Adam (VA St Troops) Lincoln Co.
    ZUMWALT, Christopher (under Col. John Bowman in 1778) St. Charles Co.
Sources of data for this list:
1) "A History of MO, From the Earliest Explorations..., V.3", by Houck, c1908, p.84-86.
2) Input on George Knox from Howard and Franklin Cos., MO

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