Hugh Campbell Ward
(Born March 10, 1863 MO - Died August 15, 1909 NY)
Original Member of the Society of Colonial Wars, State of Missouri

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Hugh Campbell Ward died in New York City August 15, 1909. Mr. Ward was born in Westport, Jackson County, Missouri, March 10, 1863. Westport is now a part of Kansas City, and it is here that Mr. Ward made his home throughout his lifetime. His father, Seth E Ward, a Virginian of Colonial antecedents, came West as a pioneer and engaged in the trading business across the plains. His mother was the daughter of John Harris, also a pioneer settler. Hugh Ward spent seven years at William Jewell College at Liberty, Missouri, and later attended Harvard University, from which he was graduated in 1886. He took his legal training at the St. Louis Law School, completing the course in 1888. Mr. Ward entered upon the practice of his profession in Kansas City. He bad a mind especially equipped for the law, and he entered upon his career with eagerness and determination. He had opportunities at the start which not every young lawyer possesses, but these did not diminish his desire for work his ambition to earn success. He took an active interest in the promotion of public and semi-public enterprises, and entered politics. He was elected to the Missouri Legislature in 1893, and served creditably to himself and with satisfaction to his constituents. Here Mr. Ward was a member of important committees, and became noted as a close and hard-working legislator. From 1897 to 1901 he was Police Commissioner of Kansas City and filled the office acceptably. His wealth and social position placed him beyond the temptation of office, nor could politics affect his clear judgment. No rumor of scandal breathed upon his name in office or out, and the critics of municipal affairs regretted his retirement to private life.

Mr. Ward's specialty in his profession was corporation law, and he was counsel for the Commerce Trust Company, the National Bank of Commerce, the Kansas City Home Telephone Company, and the Kansas City Long Distance Telephone Company; also counsel and director of the Kansas City Railway and Light Company, the Kansas City, Mexico and Orient Railway, and a director of the National Bank of Commerce. Last January he resigned from most of the above positions in order to devote more of his time to private affairs. A farm of five hundred acres, formerly owned by his father, had lately been taken into the city, and Mr. Ward was having this tract of land developed into a high-class residence section.

Mr. Ward was a generous contributor to charitable and philanthropic enterprises. His life was cut short at the time of his greatest activity and widest usefulness.

Mr. and Mrs. Ward had four children-Hugh Campbell, Jr., James Crawford, Frances and John Harris Ward, all living in 1909.

Mr. Ward's right to membership in the Society of Colonial Wars was through the service of his ancestor, Seth Ward, from whom he was fifth in descent, member of the Virginia House of Burgesses, 1768.

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