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The pictures below are of the shop and some of the tools.
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Shop and Shed
Shop Building
The Work Shop and Home of the Kubota on the left side.  The Shop is 24x26 ft. and the Kubota home is 12x20.  Originally planed on a 30x40 shop, that is before I found out the cost.  I had to scale back to fit the budget, big mistake, should have made it as planned.  I don't have room to assemble the projects as a lot of my projects are large
Delta Unisaw with 36 inch Rails
Delta Table saw
Delta 10 in. Unisaw.  I looked for several months before finding a shop that was going out of business.  The saw was only 4 years old and had not been used much. This was time well spent, this saw is a dream to operate and cut through hardwoods like butter

Drum Sander

Shop Back

Woodmaster drum sander, 26 inch.  I purchased this used and it is several years old but works well
Yes, that is a Radial Arm Saw form Sears, last of my older tools.  I do find the saw useful and would always have a Radial Arm Saw,  I would prefer a 12 inch Delta

Router Table
Router Table

Router Table with 31/2 hp VS  Porter-Cable router.  The table was build from Norm's NY project plans.  The top was made from a modular office desk 1 1/2 in thick covered with Formica

Left Side of Shop

Shop Boss
Dewalt Planner.  This planner had been a workhorse in the shop.  I have a saw mill in town and have bought a ton of ruff sawn lumber form them.
6 Inch Jet Jointer.  This tool is used on all most all projects.  If you don't have a jointer I don't see how you can work with twisted material.  That is my biggest use for this tool, flattening wood before running though the planner
Roll Around Lumber Rack.  Fills up real quick.  The back side holds sheet goods that lean out and are supported by arms that pivot out, works real well in holding a lot of material.

Shop Tool Hutch

Shop Right Side

The shop hutch is along the right hand wall built around the window air-conditioning unit.  This was patterned off the shop hutch Norm built on The New Yankee Workshop.  This unit is longer and with more drawers.



Chip Collector

Compound Miter Saw

Jet 2 hp Chip collector, notice I didn't saw dust collector.  If you seen my shop you would know why.  This was my biggest mistake in setting up the shop.  I thought all you needed to do was run some 4" PVC under the concrete floor and you were all set., wrong.  If you are thinking of setting up a dust collector please learn all you can from the experts about pipe sizing and air flow


Dewalt Compound Miter Saw with Woodworkers II blade.   I have not used this as much as others have, thinking of moving out of the shop.  I get better control of miters on the table saw.

Shop Heater

Work Bench

Shop heater made by Modine, I purchased this used from a farmer for $100.00 and thought I got a bargain; it took another $300 to convert to propane gas and for installation pipe and flue.


Work Bench, inspired by Norm's design, top is white tile board, easy to wipe off and cheep.  If you look under the bench you will see a Pattern Makers Vice that was planned for this bench, I forgot the overhang on the left end to accommodate the vice, been under there since

Scroll saw

Shop Right Front

DeWALT Scroll Saw.  This is the best mid priced saws around, no vibration and cuts like crazy


R&F Woodworking,  Warrenton, Missouri